What ChatGPT and DeepMind Tell Us about AI

The world is agog at the apparent power of ChatGPT and similar programs to compose human-level narratives and generate images from simple commands. Many are succumbing to the temptation to extrapolate these powers to near-infinity, i.e. the Singularity in which AI reaches super-intelligence Nirvana. All the excitement is fun but it's more sensible to start by placing ChatGPT in the context of AI history and our socio-economic system.

The 75-Year History of Failures with “Artificial Intelligence” and $BILLIONS Lost Investing in Science Fiction for the Real World

"Artificial Intelligence" (AI) is all the rage again, including in the Alternative Media in recent days, with fantastic claims about what AI is going to do to transform society in the future. AI is promoted today as "new" technology, but did you know that AI has a 75+ year history of making fantastic claims about how it is going to transform society and replace humans? If you read the history of AI, you will see that many of the claims being made for AI today are not that new at all, and that investors in the AI technology have been losing money on AI for over 75 years now. That is not to say AI cannot be profitable. It can be very profitable if you are in the film industry and create science fiction stories, which Hollywood has been doing at least as far back as the 1930s and the "Frankenstein" blockbuster films. It is also very profitable in today's booming video gaming industry, which is now branching off into virtual reality. But when it comes to actually trying to implement the fictional ideas of AI through technology to produce something of value, like a robot that can replace a human, AI comes up short again and again, for over 7 decades now, because investors are fooled into believing that science fiction can actually be implemented in the real world, outside of the virtual reality fake world.

Big Tech Crash Extends into 2023 as Does Science Fiction with “Hackable Brains” False Prophecies

The Big Tech crash that started in 2022 has now extended into 2023. The Big Tech companies have continued with massive layoffs here in the first few weeks of 2023. Here are some recent headlines: "Microsoft to Layoff 10,000 Employees as Part of a Massive Cost-Cutting Initiative" - "Amazon Announces Massive, Unprecedented Layoffs, Citing 'Uncertain Economy'" - "Google parent company Alphabet to eliminate 12,000 jobs" - "Facebook Parent Meta Is Preparing to Notify Employees of Large-Scale Layoffs This Week" - One of the big news stories of 2022 was the virtual death of the concept of fully autonomous self-driving vehicles. After decades of spending $billions of revenue in trying to develop a fully autonomous self-driving vehicle, Ford, Volkswagen, and many others finally pulled the plug on continuing to dump money into this concept, realizing that they had wasted significant resources in trusting the Technocrats and their techno-prophecies. The biggest B.S. AI story of the week, and one that was reported in multiple Alternative Media sources, was about Nita Farahany's presentation at the World Economic Forum regarding AI "decoding brain activity." And judging by how many publishers in the Alternative Media ran with this story, it is obvious that many actually believe that this science fiction is real.