Will You Get a Worthless COVID Test? Bill 6666 Wants to Mandate it – Are Americans About to Lose All Medical Rights?

Across the nation, police are being told to not apprehend criminals but instead, to arrest parents at playgrounds, to arrest lone surfers on public beaches, to fine ministers and congregation members sitting in their cars listening to a service on the radio, and to restrict movement by creating one-way sidewalks. People have had enough. They are beginning to see the huge scam that has been perpetrated on the entire world over a viral infection with a global death rate of 1.4% (meaning, 1.4% of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 have a fatal outcome, while 98.6% recover). This is far fewer deaths than a severe flu season. We’re already starting to see the thrust to take our power back: In Virginia, people went to the beaches en mass, ignoring social distancing and the orders of the Governor to stay home. The central California city of Atwater has declared itself a “sanctuary city,” allowing business owners and churches to open, openly defying Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s coronavirus-related stay-at-home order. The truth about wearing masks is starting to come out and people are voting with their feet. Retired neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock, warns that not only do face masks fail to protect healthy people from contracting an illness, but they create serious health risks to the wearer. While they shut us down and held us hostage in our homes, they changed our society, our lives, our world. I am not willing to accept this is the “new normal.” I won’t submit to testing. I will refuse mandatory vaccination. I will stop wearing a mask. I will not be afraid of standing next to a friend or family member and will not obey the concept of “social distancing.” I will understand that an asymptomatic carrier is a normal, healthy person and I will not buy into the fear that I might “catch something” from a normal, healthy person. It’s time for Americans to resist with non-violent civil disobedience. Be brave. Be bold. Put on the full armor of God, as found in Ephesians 6:10-20 in the Bible, to stand against the world rulers of this present darkness. With God on our side, all things are possible.

Roche CEO: COVID19 Tests “Not Worth Anything – Two of us could do it Overnight in the Garage”

Since the Coronavirus outbreak has started, one of the most controversial topics has surrounded testing. How does one know if they have the COVID-19 virus? And if someone is sick, or someone dies, is testing "positive" for COVID-19 proof that the person died from it? But one aspect that is seldom talked about is the accuracy of the tests themselves. When one watches the corporate-sponsored "mainstream" media news, they all seem to just assume that these tests are always accurate, and therefore the numbers they publish in terms of those affected or those who die are assumed to be accurate. This week (April 2020), the CEO of the drug company Roche, Severin Schwan, was quoted in a Reuters' news article as saying that new antibody tests for COVID-19 were "a disaster." Fierce Biotech, one of the trade publications for the pharmaceutical industry, published an article on Schwan's comments. The current state of antibody testing for COVID-19 is “a disaster,” said Roche CEO Severin Schwan, as a large number of potentially inaccurate tests enter the market fueled by sky-high demand. Many countries are seeking serology tests to better understand whether people are developing a possible immunity to the novel coronavirus. But reports detailing high rates of false-positive and false-negative results are delaying widespread screening. “These tests are not worth anything, or have very little use,” Schwan said during an early Wednesday conference call regarding the company’s first-quarter earnings, according to Reuters. “Some of these companies, I tell you, this is ethically very questionable to get out with this stuff,” he said, adding that Roche analyzed several products currently on the market and found them to be unreliable. “Every kind of amateur could produce an antibody test,” he said. “The two of us could do it overnight in the garage.” Roche is currently developing its own antibody test, set to launch in early May. Once again, the infighting among pharmaceutical companies to cash in on massive funding for coronavirus products, gives us a glimpse into what is actually happening, if one is willing to turn off their TV long enough to search other sources of information. There is massive money being spent on COVID-19 testing, and these "antibody" tests are the next new round of products Big Pharma wants to cash in on. Antibody testing allows one to theoretically see who may have had the Coronavirus but have now recovered from illness caused by COVID-19, where a person's own immune system has developed antibodies to fight against it. Such knowledge is key to developing new drugs, including vaccines. But it is also a double-edged sword for the pharmaceutical industry, because if many people test positive for antibodies with no apparent illness or actual COVID-19 virus present, then it could drastically reduce the death rates that have been reported, and also lower the cost-to-risk ratio for pharmaceutical companies to develop these products if the general public is developing antibodies without the help of pharmaceutical products. That is exactly what is apparently happening in New York, where the public has been told that the death rate from COVID-19 in New York has been around 7.4%. But Governor Cuomo has just released results from the State's first round of antibody testing, and he is reporting that based on these results, the actual death rate is much lower, less than 1%.