Novavax Vaccine Contains 1 mcg Armyworm and Baculovirus Proteins Injected into you with Each Dose

You see, the vaccine’s spike protein is grown by genetically engineering baculoviruses to produce spike, and then infecting insect cells with the baculovirus to turn the whole thing into a spike protein factory. At the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices meeting that I live-blogged last week, it was revealed that the Novavax vaccine was being rolled out because it could be marketed as a “more traditional” vaccine, since it was not made from mRNA. Novavax was to be directed to the unvaccinated, although only 10% of the unvaccinated, it was anticipated, would accept it. The fact that no fetal cells were used in its development was claimed to be a marketing plus. However, thanks to a reader, it turns out that a human fetal cell line, (HEK) 293F, was used in the testing of the vaccine, as described in an article in Science. NOTHING about this vaccine is traditional.

After 33 Years of Failure to Produce Any Vaccine Novavax Targets Children for COVID-19 Vaccine

Ben Adams of FiercePharma, the marketing trade publication for the pharmaceutical industry, just published an article today announcing that Novavax has unveiled a new "education campaign" for its COVID-19 vaccine that is expected to get an EUA (emergency use authorization) from the FDA soon. This "education campaign," which I would not choose to use the word "education" but instead "marketing" or "propaganda," targets the "vaccine hesitant" and children, the targeted market for their COVID-19 vaccine. In reading this press release at FiercePharma today, I found it rather remarkable that they are admitting that the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are actually dangerous for children, something the FDA and CDC refuse to acknowledge, as they position Novavax as a better alternative for children. I had been led to believe in the past that Novavax was a new company that had never produced a single vaccine, but I dug a bit deeper today and learned that they have actually been around for over 33 years, and have had multiple failures in trying to produce any vaccine at all in the past. So how does a company with a 33-year track record of failure, even after receiving an $89 million research grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2015, and then another $384 million from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations in 2020, which is also funded by Bill Gates, get to the point where it introduces its first vaccine for the COVID-19 "virus"? The same way that Pfizer and Moderna were able to introduce an mRNA vaccine into the market after decades of failing to get an mRNA vaccine approved for HIV/AIDS: Have President Trump's administration declare a "pandemic" so that the FDA can start handing out EUAs to Big Pharma to resurrect these old vaccines that could never pass FDA approval without an EUA, and then give them a boatload of money to make it happen. And that's what happened in July of 2020 when Trump's Operation Warp Speed gave Novavax $1.6 BILLION, even though they had failed to produce a single vaccine for over 30 years.

Sorry Pro-Life Pro-Vaccine Christians – Novavax Allegedly Based on Aborted Fetal Cell Lines After All

Last month (January, 2022) we published an article about the yet-to-be-approved by the FDA COVID-19 vaccine from Novavax, a company that in 2020 received $1.6 BILLION from Donald Trump's Operation Warp Speed, which created instant billionaires even though the company to date has yet to produce a single product licensed for use in the U.S. Right Wing publications such as Gateway Pundit promoted the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine as a "Pro-Life" vaccine for Christians, and the Pro-Life Christian publication Lifesite News interviewed Dr. Peter McCullough who has also endorsed the vaccine. Even the corporate media has jumped on the Novavax vaccine bandwagon, as the Washington Post has stated that this is the vaccine that can win over "religious vaccine skeptics." However, Sarah Quale, writing for the PersonHood Alliance has now reported that evidence from a private letter and Novavax’s own published study shows that the HEK293 aborted fetal cell line was used in the testing phase. This doesn't mean that the PersonHood Alliance is opposed to vaccines however, as they, and Christians in general, are still very much pro-vaccine. They just don't like vaccines developed from aborted babies, but they still want their vaccines. Here's a novel and radical idea that Christians maybe want to consider: How about trusting God to protect you from future diseases instead of trusting Big Pharma? Oh no, they could never do that. Just think of the revenue they would lose in the weekly offering plate if they offended all the members of their churches who are employed by Big Pharma. After all, Franklin Graham has told the world that "Jesus Christ would advocate for people using vaccines." By the way, any updates on how Mr. Graham's health is these days since having heart surgery for pericarditis after getting the COVID-19 vaccines last year?

Novavax: Soon to be FDA-Authorized COVID-19 Vaccine for the “Christian Pro-life” Population?

In July of 2020, when multiple pharmaceutical companies were competing for massive government funding to develop a "COVID-19 vaccine," I published an article about one of the companies that had received massive amounts of funding from President Trump's Operation Warp Speed program. The name of the company is "Novavax," and it received $1.6 BILLION from President Trump back in the summer of 2020, but for more than a year and a half the only thing this company produced were instant billionaires. They were among the many losers at the end of 2020 when the FDA chose Pfizer, and then Moderna and later J&J to authorize COVID-19 injections for the United States. But at the end of 2021, Novavax was approved as a COVID-19 vaccine for distribution in Europe, and they are reported to be close to having the FDA grant an emergency use authorization for their COVID-19 shot for distribution here in the U.S. The Right Wing Conservative news site Gateway Pundit recently featured this soon-to-be-FDA-authorized Novavax COVID-19 vaccine with the title: "Finally, A Promising Covid Vaccine for Pro-Lifers" The article portrays the Novavax vaccine as a "minimally tainted" vaccine, because: "Novavax was not developed using body parts of aborted babies. (Though, like all other vaccines currently available, Novavax is tainted with tests that involve fetal cells.)" Honestly, nothing surprises me anymore, as we have reported many times that the Christian Church is thoroughly pro-vaccine and part of the Big Pharma Vaccine Cult, with many of them receiving government funding to become "vaccine clinics" and inject their church members with the Satanic COVID-19 gene-altering shots. One Christian Church in Canada just announced that their members who refused the COVID-19 injections were no longer welcome. So a vaccine with only "minimal" fetal tissue cell contamination is welcome news for the Christian Right. Never mind that the company has never produced a single product before, and that their national headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, appears to be patterned after a Freemason Masonic Temple with Satanic symbols displayed, including an image of the "Lighthouse of Alexandria." The Pro-Life Christian news site, Lifesite News, interviewed pro-vaccine Dr. Peter McCullough on August 5, 2021, who also spoke positively about the Novavax vaccine.

U.S. Government Spends Another $1.6 BILLION on COVID Vaccine with Company that “Never Brought a Product to Market”

President Trump's Operation Warp Speed is living up to its hype as the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the United States continues at "warp speed," with BILLIONS of dollars of government funding flowing into the bank accounts of Big Pharma. This time it is $1.6 BILLION to a new pharmaceutical company that has not even brought a product to market yet, Maryland-based Novavax, who joins a long list of drug companies receiving unbelievable amounts of Government cash to develop a COVID vaccine, while many States are rolling out new lock down orders that are killing the few small businesses that managed to survive the first round of lock downs and were just starting to try and open up their businesses again. Conveniently located close to Washington D.C. in nearby Maryland, one has to wonder who else in D.C. is benefiting from this newly formed instant billion-dollar company that has not even proven that it can produce a product that makes it to market yet? Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., of Children’s Health Defense, has just reported that drug maker Moderna, also a recipient of hundreds of millions of government funding to produce a COVID vaccine in conjunction with Dr. Anthony Fauci and the National Institute of Health (NIH), will pay out up to half of their future royalties from the sale of a new COVID vaccine to scientists who are also on the government payroll for the NIH. How long are you going to continue to comply by staying in your homes and continuing to wear government-commanded face masks, especially now that it has been reported that Governor Newsom of California funneled a billion dollars to China to produce face masks that now have to be distributed in the U.S.? If you still believe this is all about health and safety, then you will probably also be first in line to get the new COVID vaccines that Bill Gates and President Trump are investing billions in to develop. Yes, the New World Order's plan to reduce the world's population is proceeding full speed ahead, at "warp speed."