Leah Powers


By Shannon Powers

I share our story hoping our experience will save another from becoming “one less” healthy child.

Our fifteen year old daughter, Leah is vaccine injured. It all began March 30th 2011. Leah was 11 years old, soon to be 12. We had been referred to an Adolescent doctor so Leah could be placed on oral contraceptives to help prevent cysts from forming on her ovaries.

A month prior, February 20, 2011 Leah had an Oophorectomy losing her left ovary. We were told since we had just gone through this scary ordeal, in order to keep her healthy we needed to vaccinate with the Gardasil vaccine.

Trusting in doctors and believing what they recommend is best, I never questioned their belief that this was a “must” for Leah’s health. After all, Leah had received all her recommended vaccines prior to Gardasil. What could we possibly have to worry about?

First, I have to tell you Leah has a very high tolerance for pain. The only way I knew I needed to take her to the hospital in February was because she was clammy and dry heaving. The surgeon who performed the Oophorectomy came and told us after, that she should have been in excruciating pain.

She laughed when telling Leah, “I tells my kids to quit complaining all the time, but YOU need to complain and let us know when something is wrong in your body. You know your body best and when something is off let mom and dad know!”

Recovery went smooth and we then were released and referred to the adolescent doctor for all of Leah’s follow-up care.

Receiving the Gardasil Vaccines

March 30, Leah received the first shot in the Gardasil series from Lot number #1437z. After we left the paediatrician’s office Leah said she felt sick to her stomach. I thought due to being only 4 weeks post-op she was going to feel a little ill from the car ride. But, by the time we got home she was nauseous and bloated.

I called the doctor and was told it all stemmed back to the surgery. They had removed her left ovary, so she probably was having effects from the anaesthesia that was used during the surgery. We didn’t question the response and left it at that.

The following four months she continued to have severe abdominal pain, bloating, nausea and feeling full after just a few bites of food. I called again during this time and was told because of the removal of the left ovary she was just feeling her body adjust to what her insides were adapting to with more room. They assured me it was normal and there was no cause for concern.

August 8, 2011, Leah received her second Gardasil shot from lot number 1271z. We didn’t mention anything about her new medical conditions during this visit because they had already given an explanation over the phone to why she was experiencing these symptoms.

For the next four months Leah’s symptoms did not improve. Every time she ate she felt sick. She was always nauseous and her stomach was extremely bloated. I start researching her symptoms and then became worried it might be ovarian cancer. All of her new symptoms pointed in that direction. Never once did I feel it was the vaccine. Doctors were all guiding me back to the Oophorectomy.

December 12, 2011, Leah receives the third and final dose of the HPV vaccine series from Lot# 1261AA. By this appointment I was very concerned with Leah’s health. She had continued to have the severe abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, feeling full, headaches came and went, and she was not sleeping well.

In order to appease me, doctors told me they would do a cat scan to make sure her right ovary was all right. I asked them to do a blood test, CA125. This would measure the protein in the blood, detecting early signs of ovarian cancer. I was told that it would come back positive because she had just had the Oophorectomy. So it would not be accurate to do the testing.

I will be honest, I hadn’t researched to see how long it would take from the time of the surgery for her to keep testing positive, if it would at all? I did keep questioning them. Again, I trusted them and thought they knew best. After all, they have the degree, I don’t…..right??

Cat scan came back normal. Everything looked fine. We were told to hydrate and make sure she was moving her bowels. They changed the oral contraceptives thinking that would help relieve some of the symptoms.

All of 2012 Leah continued with the same symptoms. I kept telling her to push through because they said nothing was wrong. She is constantly coming to me with aches and pains, here and there…arms will hurt, legs hurt, feels funny. I ask my husband if we have made her a complainer since the surgery. I tell Leah she doesn’t have to tell me every time she hurts somewhere.

Looking back on this now, breaks my heart to think I ignored a lot of symptoms she was actually having. Like I said before, her pain tolerance is high, she wasn’t physically showing how bad the pain was or crying in pain, it was more of “matter of fact” so, I played it down instead of really listening.

The end of 2012 I take Leah to an actual OB/GYN. She had never stopped complaining with all of the symptoms from the last year. I was still scared and thinking it was Ovarian Cancer. This new doctor spoke with Leah and me and said she would order an MRI and double check that everything was okay. Leah to this date has never had an actual Pap screening concerning her cervix or uterus. MRI was normal and this doctor put her on yet another new contraceptive. Said a low oestrogen would help with the pain and the headaches.

During this whole time since her Oophorectomy, Leah has never had a normal cycle. She would bleed for maybe a day and it was always black blood. Of course they say this is normal and all due to the contraceptives; always assuring me that everything is fine.

The whole year of 2013 Leah continues to just push through the pain. The doctors say make sure she is hydrated, that her bowels move, it’s the contraceptives or normal teenage hormones. Her medication is changed several times trying to see if that would improve symptoms. It never did.

By the end of 2013 Leah is complaining about her vision. She does wear prescription glasses/contacts so I made an appointment to have her eyes checked out.

Previously An Active Honor Roll Student


Leah Powers

Before I tell the rest, I have forgotten to tell you about who Leah truly is… Leah is an honor roll student. She loves to read and write stories. She will finish a book in just under a day. She was active in 4H and loved taking animals to our county fair. She has taken pigs, rabbits and goats as well as creative writing. Excels in her studies and plays various sports.

You will laugh in her presence when you don’t feel like it because she will do or say something silly to change your mood. She is very outgoing and always makes friends wherever she goes. She is always laughing and singing 80’s music.

The year of 2011/12 she was playing with the local YMCA club volleyball, basketball and softball for her middle school along with travel softball in the summer. She continued with the softball for the school and the travel ball throughout the next two and half years. Softball is her favourite!!

She was excited for the summer of 2014. It was to be a great summer before becoming a sophomore in high school. Players were starting to write to different colleges that they would be interested in attending and possibly to play softball for. They would write to the head coaches and explain they were interested in playing for them while attending their college. Asking for them to come and watch them play for their travel ball teams, in hope of gaining their respect by wanting them to represent their school. Hoping they would keep in touch during the rest of their high school years.

When your academic scores are high and you play ball well enough, colleges are pleased to offer scholarships. Leah was taking this very seriously. One of the colleges Leah wrote to, Rhodes in TN, came to Ohio and watched her play. She was ecstatic and that just made her want to strive harder. She pushed through last summer playing in more pain than before, but worth the pain for the sheer joy of a sport she loves and was wanting to continue playing through college.

Condition Gets Worse

We are now in the beginning of 2014. It is January and her vision had changed so we order new contacts and glasses. The Optometrist never questioned anything out of the norm when examining Leah. Wrote a new script and we were on our way.

Leah’s headaches were increasing and not leaving her at all. She is still suffering from the severe abdominal pain, bloating, feeling full, and nausea. She was now having blurred vision even with her new script. Doctors were saying the contraceptives will cause eye issues. Nothing they could do.

She starts having bladder spasms and feels like she always has a bladder infection. When doctors sample her urine we are told just traces of white blood count and that she doesn’t have an infection.

Sharp shooting pains down through her groin. Her right hip is always hurting. We are told over and over to make sure she hydrates!

It is February and she is conditioning for softball. She is having difficulty keeping up. Feeling as though she wants to pass out. Not able to keep her breaths regulated. Of course we are told she needs to hydrate and she had taken the winter off so she was out of shape.

This continues the rest of the school year. She keeps pushing through just so she can play ball. School is over end of May. Travel ball conditioning starts up. Her headaches are more severe along with all the other symptoms. She is experiencing all over pain that won’t go away. She sleeps the day away until it is almost time to go to ball practice. She practices two to three times a week and plays all day on the weekends.

I have noticed that she sits more when not playing. She will come and sit with me, not wanting to join in with the others. Not just at ball but when we are out as well, she will not leave my side. She starts acting like she is afraid to do anything by herself.

Headaches get so severe we go to the ER. Right away they see that her optic nerves are swollen. They call in an Ophthalmologist and he confirms what they see. They do a CT on her head, it shows normal so they ask us to come into the office the next day for more abrasive testing. Next day all tests come back fine.

They tell us to give it a month and come back for recheck. If they are still swollen but no change in tests then it is a birth defect.

Wake Up Call – Medical Officials are not Always Right

THIS is when I finally wake up! How can it be a birth defect if the eye doctor didn’t see it back in the beginning of the year? Or when we were at the doctors for bladder pain?? Doctors always check your eyes, wouldn’t they had seen it then?

I was ignored and asked to schedule for a month out. Meanwhile, we were referred to a Headache clinic.

This Clinic acknowledged what other doctors saw and said her headaches were more than likely genetic headaches. Take some pain reliever and rest, along with drink more water!!

Even with Leah’s pain she still pushed through. She wouldn’t take any type of pain reliever. Said it didn’t help, so why take it? She hides the pain well, so I would just try and make sure she was staying hydrated.

Ball season comes to an end…School will be starting in a week. She is sleeping more. Emotions are all over. She acts like she is still afraid of everything. She won’t even walk by herself from the car to a friend’s front door. Wants me to walk with her??? Wherever I am she wants to be. Not wanting me to leave her side. She is becoming anxious, having lucid dreams. Trouble sleeping, pain is all over her body. She is waking up drenched in sweat. Cold and hot throughout the day. She feels as though her body cannot support her own weight. Tremors in her arms legs and face. Her hands and feet keep going numb. She was having low grade fevers and all the symptoms she has had for the last three years have increased.

She is changing from once a healthy girl to one that can’t even get out of bed. It is August 2014, her sophomore year starts and she is excited. She is planning on getting her temps in October, attending homecoming and playing fall travel ball.

Leah comes home from school exhausted. She falls asleep right away and wakes up in more pain than before. She says she is hurting so bad at school she has a hard time concentrating and understanding what the teachers are saying. She’s having a hard time hiding the pain from her friends. As she walks to each class she says she feels as though she is going to pass out. She’s still having severe back pain and new pains going down into legs. Lights hurt her eyes while inside and when she steps outside the pain shoots through her head making it difficult to see. Lights are too bright all over. The sun is torture. Her legs are having more spasms and her heart keeps racing even when sitting still. She started to just stare off into space and writing words over and over in her school work like she is stuttering, not realizing this until she reads her work.

Connection to Gardasil

Research came to my attention about the Gardasil vaccine and adverse reactions. When Leah came home from school one day I asked her to please write everything down, all her pains and odd things that was happening with her body. I told her I believed it was all happening because of this shot.

I made an appointment with her pediatrician and started to research. The more I researched I was certain this was what was happening.

When we saw the doctor she didn’t think that was the case. I told her there was a lot of research out there and how was it that Leah’s symptoms were the same as what was happening to all the other children claiming it was the vaccine as well??? The only common factor was the GARDASIL.

She listened and because of all of Leah’s symptoms she referred us on to several specialists. She ordered what blood work she was able to do. Said she would look into it and would be in touch.

I requested the lot numbers from her adolescent doctor and checked them from a study I found on SaneVax. Dr. Lee had done a study back in 2012 and found several lots to be contaminated with a non B conformation DNA attached to the aluminium adjuvant.

I wasn’t sure what all that meant, but reading through all the information I could find, I started seeing that this shot was sheer poison. When I checked Leah’s lots against what Dr Lee had tested I started to cry. There in black and white was the very first lot number that Dr Lee had tested-the same lot Leah had been injected with!

I was sick. I was mad. Then I realized I had Proof!

As I continued my search for the truth about this vaccine, I was discovering that thousands among thousands all over the world were injured the same as my daughter. Some far worse than her. None that I had found had one of the lot numbers in the study. That told me that EVERY LOT of this senseless vaccine could have the same contaminates as the one in the study!

Rejection from the Medical System which Provided No Help

We have been to eleven different specialists. Most of the tests all come back normal. A few have discovered some type of medical disorder. I have to say that I guess I wanted to rule out any major diagnosis. Doctors are quick to get you out of their office once you mention the possibility of vaccine injury. We are left feeling our only hope is a Bio Medical doctor that does not treat from a pharmaceutical manual. I have lost all trust and respect for any doctor that treats and diagnoses their patients from those manuals.

We were not treated with respect and care. We were told there was no way the Gardasil vaccine could be the reason for all of Leah’s new symptoms. Some even questioned why we would even consider a biomedical doctor. Most found it hard to believe Leah was having all of these symptoms at the same time. Several referred us to a psychiatrist!

I had a phone conversation with one of the psychologists, let’s just say once I started describing what was happening to my daughter and how I had PROOF, they were NOT going to diagnose her with Conversion disorder!

Our conversation ended with, “I am so sorry you and your daughter are going through all of this. My services are not needed at this time. If you feel like you would need for Leah to ever talk to someone, please let us know!”

WOW!!! Thanks doctor for the wonderful concern!

My daughter IS VACCINE INJURED from the HPV vaccine GARDASIL. She has been diagnosed with Lyme disease, metabolic disorder, immune deficiency, and encephalopathy, chronic gastritis with pre-cancerous cells throughout her stomach and colon, and ovarian failure.

She has several ACTIVE viruses within her system which include; Bartonella, babesia, coxsackie B, francisella tularensis, and HPV-6. The HPV-6 was a strain that this senseless vaccine was to fight against!!!

She is heavily toxin with heavy metals that do not want to leave her body.  We are receiving treatment and trying to detox her body. Hopefully one day soon Leah will be her Healthy, Active, Funny self.

I urge you if you have not yet received the vaccine, DONT!!! DON’T LET YOUR CHILD Become “ONE LESS” HEALTHY ACTIVE TEENAGER!

Research for yourself and look at the prescribing information that comes with each vaccine. I promise you, if you do you will never vaccinate your loved ones again, with any vaccine!

If you are injured as well from this horrific vaccine, I am truly sorry!  You have found HOPE by finding this site.

I promise to ALL of you that are injured, I WILL NOT STOP FIGHTING TO GET THE WORD OUT! I will go to whatever lengths I must to prove to the WORLD what is happening to our children is unethical and needs to STOP!!

Blessings to all!

Read the full story at SaneVax.org


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