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by John P. Thomas
Health Impact News

It is common for people to spend more time deliberating over what type of cable TV package they will purchase than over who will provide their family with primary health care services. Making the right choice of health care provider may be one of the most important decisions that you make for your family. It may determine whether your family stays together or is broken up and destroyed by Child Protective Services.

Are you a parent who believes that you have the right to make decisions for your children regarding the medical care they receive? Are you a parent who believes that you have a responsibility to control what your children eat? Are you a parent who believes that you should be able to determine how your children should be educated and what they are taught? If you are such a parent, then beware, your freedom to raise your children and make decisions for them may be threatened by Child Protective Services in the state where you live. The security of your home and family could be destroyed by those who do not support your rights as a parent to raise your children according to the values that you cherish.

CPS is Destroying Families in the U.S.


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Thousands of children are being removed from families by Child Protective Services (CPS), put into foster care homes, used for drug testing, and put up for adoption. This is happening in broad daylight – often without parental consent or proof of parental wrongdoing.

This article will help you protect your family from unwanted intrusion by those who think they know more about parenting your children than you do. To protect your family, it is necessary that you make wise decisions about the healthcare providers that you choose. The wrong choice of a physician can lead to dreadful consequences for every member of your family, because there is a legal connection between your physician and Child Protective Services.

The U.S. “Healthcare” System Operates like a Medical Franchise

We are now living in the era of franchises and chain stores. Most every shopping mall in America has a similar set of stores. Every medium size city has the same set of big box stores. Every medium size town has the same set of fast food restaurants. Even small towns of just a few thousand people will have one or more nationally known brand stores and restaurants.

Some people really appreciate the uniformity. They enjoy the fact that no matter where they travel in the US, they can get the same coffee, doughnuts, burgers, clothing, and, yes, even medical services. However, this uniformity can have serious consequences when it comes to the health of our families.

Physicians in the United States are trained in medical schools, which all have a very similar set of courses. They all learn the same principles of diagnosis and how to use the same set of allopathic drugs that are sold by giant pharmaceutical companies. In fact, a major part of conventional medical training consists of instruction in how to use pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

After attending medical school, doctors may choose to receive further medical training and become specialists in certain areas such as cancer, heart disease, and psychiatry. This additional training includes further training in the use of pharmaceutical drugs, imaging technology, surgery, and therapies such as radiation.

Medical education is designed to indoctrinate physicians into a certain way of viewing health and illness, and to emphasize the use of pharmaceutical drugs as the primary method of treating illness. These drugs are often extremely expensive and have many unwanted side effects. The effectiveness of these drugs and vaccinations has been challenged by many people who realize how this approach often does more harm than good.

The U.S. Medical Franchise System is called “Conventional Medicine”

Kaiser Permanente medical care franchise photo.

Kaiser Permanente operates in eight states and the District of Columbia, and is the largest managed medical care organization in the United States.

The beginning point for the medical franchise system in America is the local physician’s office. These are often called health centers or primary care facilities. Primary care offices commonly consist of several physicians, a few nurses, a blood drawing unit, and sometimes nurse practitioners or physician assistants. It is the job of the physicians who work in these clinics to diagnose common illness, prescribe pharmaceutical drugs, and to follow the standards of care that have been established by drug companies, insurance companies, and the US Centers for Disease Control. Primary care physicians are also responsible for determining when a patient needs more specialized care, and making referrals to other more highly trained physicians. Other staff persons in these offices work to insure that patients follow the exact instructions of the doctor.

Medical specialists, such as those who treat cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and mental illness are the connecting point between your physician, and local hospitals and regional medical centers. Specialists work with regional medical centers, where highly sophisticated diagnostic equipment is located and where highly specialized treatments and surgeries are performed.

The franchise system of conventional medicine exists throughout America. It does not have a brand name such as McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, Walmart, Home Depot, Foot Locker, Banana Republic, Gap, Rite Aid, etc., but the healthcare that people receive in tens of thousands of locations is nearly identical. It may not technically be a franchise, but it functions like one.

Physicians Work Together with Child Protective Services to Abduct Children

The primary care system is closely linked to state offices of Child Protective Services. Physicians are required by law to report anything that might be a sign of child abuse. If you are a parent with a child under the age of 18, then you and your children are being watched for any tell-tale indications of neglect or abuse every time you go to the doctor.

For example, if physicians or nurses notice that your child has unusual bruises, broken bones, burns, etc., then they are required by law to contact the local office of Child Protective Services if they suspect abuse. (The exact name of this office will vary from state to state, but every state has such an office.)

Allegations of Newly Defined “Child Abuse” are Catching Parents Unaware


Isaiah Rider was medically kidnapped by a Chicago Hospital when his mother, a nurse, disagreed with doctors and was charged with “medical abuse.” More info on Isaiah Rider.. Image source,

The CPS system has redefined the definition of child abuse. They have made it very broad. The result is that allegations of child abuse are being filed in situations that parents would never have expected.

For example, if parents disagree with the standard vaccination schedule that most physicians insist upon, and refuse to allow their children to be vaccinated, then they could be reported to CPS as a possible case of medical neglect, which is considered to be a form of child abuse.

If parents disagree with a physician’s diagnosis of their child’s illness or disagree with the recommended course of treatment, and choose to seek a second medical opinion, or simply prefer to not follow the doctor’s recommendation, then they could be reported to CPS for investigation of child neglect and abuse.

If a parent wishes to use alternative therapies other than those recommended by a physician, which are provided by non-physicians, or to use dietary modification to treat a child’s illness, then the parents could be turned-in to CPS as endangering the life of their children.

If parents wish to delay aggressive medical intervention and to simply pray to God for healing, and to wait and see how God responds, then these parents could be labeled as fanatics and accused of endangering the lives of their children.

In any of the preceding situations, in which parents don’t fully and perfectly submit to the instructions of the franchise physicians who provide conventional medical care, the physicians could pull the trigger and start a CPS investigation. Such investigations often result in the removal of children from their home, and placement in foster care.

When children enter the foster care system, parental rights can be severed by the family court system. Children can be forced to receive conventional medical care even when the parents object. This has happened to countless families who choose to not participate in the medical franchise system of conventional medicine. This can happen even when parents are providing a loving and nurturing environment for their children, which is free of abuse or neglect.

Hundreds of Thousands of Children are Kidnapped and in CPS Control

Throughout America, thousands of children are under the control of the CPS system. “On any given day, there are approximately 402,000 children in foster care in the United States. In 2013, over 640,000 children spent time in U.S. foster care.” [1]

It is true that some of these children have been neglected, abused, or abandoned. However, in many cases parents have done nothing wrong. Their only charge was exercising normal parental authority over their children and making normal judgements about the kind of healthcare services that shall be provided for their children.

Often, false charges are generated, children are put into foster care, CPS investigations undertaken, parental rights are stripped away, and children are put up for adoption, even when there is no proof of neglect, abuse, or abandonment. False information is put into CPS records and parents are unable to convince CPS and family court judges that they are fit parents when there is absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing. Their only objectionable action may have been to disagree with their doctor regarding the care of their children. Even in situations where parents are able to finally get their children back home, with no official charges filed against them, their names remain in “child abuse” directories preventing them from seeking employment. They often lose their employment when a CPS investigation begins and they lose their children, because many parents have related to Health Impact News that fighting CPS is a “full time job.”

We have been Taught to Obey Doctors

We have all been trained from a very young age to obey our doctors. We have been taught that to disagree with a physician is equivalent to rebellion against God. In fact, we have been taught to idolize physicians and to worship them in their temple known as medical centers. It is considered rebellious behavior to question the judgements of physicians. Questioning is seen as disrespectful and offensive behavior by a great number of Americans, especially by the majority of physicians.

In many cases, in which children have been removed from their family of origin and put into foster care, the only reason for such action was a disagreement between parents and physicians. It can be a dangerous step to openly object to the therapies recommended by physicians. It can be a dangerous step for parents to tell a physician that they will be seeking a second opinion for their children or will be seeking alternative treatment options. Such steps will be viewed unfavorably by some physicians and can result in the doctor contacting CPS to “protect” your children from you and your decisions.

CPS Intervention may Lead to Medical Kidnapping

When parents and physicians disagree, and CPS is contacted, then CPS can take your children from your home and terminate your parental authority over your children. We call this type of intervention “medical kidnapping.” CPS workers take children from their homes, often with the participation of police officers, and put them into foster care. This is often done without a court order, which is why it is called “kidnapping.”

Photo taken from TV footage of the SWAT team sent to the home of Maryanne Godboldo

Photo taken from TV footage of the SWAT team sent to the homeschool mother of Maryanne Godboldo, who did not want her daughter to continue taking psych drugs. More info.

We have seen situations where police SWAT teams (complete with military assault tanks) break into homes and remove children at gunpoint. Parents may be subdued with Tasers and thrown to the floor while children witness the entire event. Such traumatic events, and the foster home placements that follow, can result in deep emotional wounds for children. Additionally, foster home placement can result in physical and emotional abuse. Once children have been kidnapped in this manner, they are then forced to undergo medical treatment, which may actually be a hidden form of medical experimentation.

For more details about medical kidnapping, please read:

Are You Acting Like a “Normal” Parent?

We are heading down a troublesome path. State officials are determining what should be the definition of normal behavior for parents. They are insisting that parents should all think, behave, and raise their children in the same ways.

This is the pattern in America today. We are all being encouraged to shop in the same stores, to participate in the same kind of healthcare system, to educate our children in the same ways, to get our news from the same sources, to believe in a certain form of evolution, to avoid making honest comments about the behavior of other people, and to yield our authority to make decisions for our children to the state. The pressure is intense in all of these areas.

For people who still value personal freedom to make decisions for themselves and their children, there is an ever-increasing possibility for conflict with the state in many areas.

Some Physicians Value Health Freedom and Parental Choice

Regardless of what you see or read in the mainstream media, doctors are not unified on issues like mandatory vaccines.

There are some physicians who do not practice franchise medicine. They value health freedom and parental rights. These physicians march to a different drumbeat.

They may have been trained in the conventional medical system. However, they never stopped their studies, and have come to realize that there is much more to providing healthcare than the prescribing of drugs.

They realize the complex nature of human health and illness, and are willing to look at lifestyle, nutritional deficiencies, dietary excesses, environmental toxins, emotional functioning, history of trauma, addictions, relationship with God, and other factors when diagnosing and treating illness.

Some of these healthcare providers are allopathic medical doctors and others are osteopathic medical doctors. Others are professional healthcare providers with training in homeopathy, naturopathy, Chinese medicine, or chiropractic.

Forty years ago, I didn’t give any thought regarding whether I should believe or trust a physician when I had an appointment. I assumed that he or she would always act in my best interest and would never force me to do anything I didn’t want to do. I felt completely free to agree or to disagree with my doctor. The world is different now — especially for parents with young children.

Parents who desire healthcare that is not centered on the use of pharmaceutical drugs, and who are not happy with the never-ending stream of recommended vaccinations, will eventually come into conflict with franchise-oriented physicians. The conflict will be with conventional physicians who insist that proper medical care can only follow one path, which is the path that they recommend. Parents who disagree with this single-path, one-size-fits-all, healthcare treatment system are advised to carefully consider what might happen to their families if intense disagreements arise with physicians over the treatment of their children.

How can Parents Avoid Unwanted Entanglements with Physicians and CPS?

To avoid conflicts with the conventional medical system and the CPS system, and having your children seized or forced to receive medical treatments that you do not support, it may be necessary to change your attitudes and to do some advance healthcare planning.

The first step is an attitudinal adjustment. We must learn that every person who wears a white coat is not necessarily our friend. We should not assume that we can safely share everything we think and believe with physicians and those who work with physicians. We would never walk up to a stranger on the street and begin telling the stranger the most intimate details of our lives.

In the same way, we should not step into a physician’s examination room and feel free to divulge everything to a person we may have never seen before. We have been conditioned to believe that we should hold nothing back when visiting a doctor, but this strategy has become very dangerous if you are participating in franchise medicine.

Developing a relationship with a physician is a process of building trust. You need to be sure that your physician is someone who will work with you on your terms according to your preferences, and not be someone who will seek to force you to submit to his or her preferences regarding healthcare.

You are looking for a doctor who will listen to you and will provide you with advice and counsel concerning your healthcare options. This is a person who will support you in your decisions even when they are different than recommendations of the majority of conventionally practicing physicians. You need to look for a doctor who will work with you and not against you when it comes to treating your children.

How Do You Find a Physician You can Trust?

To find a physician who will keep your rights to healthcare freedom in mind at all times, you will need to interview potential physicians. This means taking the time to meet with the physician before you and your children become official patients. Some physicians will offer a short no charge courtesy visit to meet them. You can use this opportunity to your advantage to learn about what the physician believes about the practice of medicine and your rights to make decisions for your children. If you ask the right questions, then you can quickly determine whether the doctor is practicing franchise medicine.

Don’t be shy. A doctor might wear a white coat, but he or she is just another person. Don’t be intimidated by the coat or the degrees that hang on the wall. Go ahead and ask direct questions.

If you don’t believe in vaccinations, for example, or you believe in only selective vaccinations, then ask the physician about this. Don’t spend a lot of time explaining what you believe and why you believe it. Just get down to the facts. Your goal is to assess what the physician believes, so that you can determine if there will be a good fit if you decide to work together. Do not try to change the mind of the physician!

Conflicts between Parents Can be Disastrous if CPS is Involved

Before you begin interviewing doctors about their beliefs and practices, it will be important to make sure that you and your spouse are on the same page concerning health care preferences. It is not uncommon for one parent (usually the mother) to advocate for avoiding vaccinations and for using natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals, while the father might be advocating for the use of pharmaceutical drugs and participation in conventional franchise medicine. You don’t want to put your children’s healthcare in the middle of a marital dispute.

I don’t even want to say this, but it does happen from time to time when one parent will threaten to file a complaint with CPS if the other parent doesn’t cooperate with the use of vaccines and pharmaceuticals. Such an approach will not result in CPS helping. Rather they might just take the children from both you and your spouse. Do not assume that CPS workers will be your friends and advocate for you. Try to work out your differences with your spouse beforehand, and agree to never involve CPS in your disputes.

Conflicts with Friends and Family Can Result in Calls to CPS and Losing Your Children

You might not think that your friends, your parents, your siblings, or your neighbors will interfere with the choices you make for your children’s healthcare; but you might just be wrong.

If you believe in the limited use of vaccinations for your children, and believe in using non-franchise alternatives for medical care for your children, then it is best to only share this information with a small and select group of trusted people.

Beware of friends and family members who are strongly pro-vaccination. Beware of people who make negative remarks about using alternative medical approaches for treating and curing illness. Beware of people who are addicted to the sugar rich Standard American Diet, and who mock those who eat differently. If you reveal too much about your beliefs and plans to such people, then you might be setting up a devastating conflict. One family member actually called into a radio talk show recently and revealed that she had her sister’s child vaccinated behind her back while babysitting for the child, because she thought her sister was irresponsible. See:

Babies in the U.S. Being Force Vaccinated by Relatives behind Parents’ Backs

Your pro-vaccine friends might think they are doing your children a favor by filing an anonymous report with CPS stating that you are endangering your children by not providing appropriate healthcare such as vaccinations. Friends and even grandparents of your children might file a complaint if you do not feed your children candy and other high sugar foods.

Some people feel so strongly that children have a right to eat cookies, cakes, Pop Tarts, Captain Crunch cereal, and other highly processed sugar food that they would call in the state to “protect” your children from potential starvation and dietary abuse. If you are aware of such attitudes in your friends and family, then you will need to have a strategy in mind before these issues come to the surface.

Don’t assume that such things could never happen to you. They can happen, and have happened to others.

Who Can We Believe? Who can We Trust?

It is not my goal to instill a spirit of fear or to encourage paranoia. My goal is to help you as a parent to become as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves. The goal is to help you avoid conflict with those who would compel you to participate in the franchise medical system if you don’t want to subject your children to conventional medical care.

A wise person holds his cards close to his chest. A wise person does not take unnecessary risk by potentially putting his or her children in the hands of healthcare providers unless the parent knows that the healthcare provider will be supportive of parental wishes.

A gentle person does his or her homework in advance of illness and has a strategy in place for taking care of children when they become ill. A gentle person acts like a dove by protecting children and doing everything possible to avoid their becoming involved with the medical or CPS system.

You can’t assume that other people have the same beliefs as you when it comes to healthcare, pharmaceutical drugs, vaccinations, or diet. This applies to your spouse, your doctor, your extended family, and your friends.

This especially applies to CPS. If you have any desire to turn away from the standard medical care system, the Standard American Diet, or the public education system, then do not expect any positive involvement from CPS. If they get involved in your life, then your children will be forced to receive standard medical care with the 69 suggested doses of vaccines. They will be forced to eat the highly processed low fat, high sugar Standard American Diet. They will be forced to attend public school, and if they have any type of behavior or learning problem, then they will be forced to take multiple pharmaceutical drugs.

Once you become entangled in the CPS system, it is very difficult to gain healthcare freedom for your children again – it is often lost forever! You might be forced by court order to give medical care that you don’t approve and to feed your children food that you believe is unhealthy. If you are a Christian, then you may be prevented from requiring that your children attend church with you. And if you don’t submit and obey the family court and CPS, then you might just lose your children.

How do you Find a Supportive Physician?

The great majority of physicians are committed to the franchise form of pharmaceutical based medicine. This means that they have very little knowledge of alternative medicine and have very little interest in learning about alternatives to what they normally do. Please don’t think you will convert such a person to your way of thinking because they appear to you to be a kind and understanding person. Don’t confuse kind bedside manner with flexibility and the willingness to respect your points of view.

Nice doctors are just as likely as aloof, arrogant, and insulting doctors to turn you into CPS if you don’t follow their instructions and try to back them into a corner. Remember, physicians are bound by law to report you to CPS if they believe that your unwillingness to cooperate with franchise medicine is threatening the health of your children.

What you need to find is a doctor who will be supportive of what you believe. There are such doctors, but they may not always be easy to find. You can waste a lot of time by randomly reaching out and interviewing physicians in your local community. There are several ways to find a physician you can trust for your family.

If you are part of a home schooling community, then ask for recommendations for physicians from other parents who share your beliefs and who are supportive of the lifestyle that you are providing for your children.

If you don’t have such contacts, then you may wish to use the resources shown at the end of this article to search for a physician.

In some cases, depending on your state, you might feel more comfortable working directly with a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant for routine minor childhood illnesses such as colds and fevers if these practitioners are less connected to the conventional medical franchise.

Some parents try to minimize contact with physicians if they are unable to find one who is not fully wedded to the practice of conventional medicine. To do this, you need to step away from certain beliefs that you may hold. There is no rule that says that you have to take your children to the doctor for an annual physical or well-baby visit. Parents are much more likely to know when their children are doing fine than are healthcare providers who rarely see the child. Trust your parental instincts.

It is good to have a relationship with a trusted physician if a serious illness develops, but you are not obligated to visit that person on any specific schedule unless you want to utilize their expertise. You are in charge of when you take your children for healthcare services. It is your decision. You don’t have to say yes, when the receptionist asks to schedule your next appointment. You can reply by saying, “I will contact you when I know my schedule.”

Some parents have made an even stronger decision to simply avoid the conventional allopathic medical system altogether. They use a homeopath or a naturopath as their primary source of medical care for their children and themselves. The Queen of England and her family work with homeopaths who provide them with primary medical care. [2] As long as we still have some degree of healthcare freedom, we can choose to avoid getting entangled in the conventional medical care system.

Responding to Life-Threatening Illnesses

If your child becomes seriously ill, then you will need to be very careful about how you proceed. If there is a life-threatening situation, then by all means take your child to the emergency room. However, do not take your children to the hospital emergency room for minor problems that could wait for a scheduled appointment with a trusted healthcare provider.

Emergency room visits can be a high risk exposure to the medical franchise system. You need to think about potential conflicts before they develop and decide on the boundaries you will maintain regarding the types of healthcare services that you will permit your children to receive.

Emergency room physicians are there to treat serious trauma and other life-threatening illnesses. They are unlikely to listen to your preferences about alternative medicine. If you disagree with them, they might have a social worker contact CPS and initiate an investigation of your family before moving on to the next patient who is experiencing a life-threatening condition.

If your child develops a disease such as cancer, then be very careful about the steps that you take. This is why it is important that you have a primary care physician who is open-minded about alternatives. He or she will be able to give you suggestions about alternative treatment options. Once you step into the cancer franchise treatment system, it can be nearly impossible to step out again if it is your child who has cancer.

An Amish couple learned this fact the hard way, when they decided not to approve chemotherapy for one of their children who was in remission from cancer. They ultimately needed to flee the United States to escape the imposition of mandatory chemotherapy.

Ohio Amish Girl Escapes with Parents from Forced Chemotherapy, Father Claims She was on Experimental Drugs without Consent

If your child has a rare disease, there is a possibility that you may be pressured into approving the use of experimental treatments for your child. Saying no to such experimentation could be seen by some physicians as endangering your child, and they might seek to have CPS step in and start making healthcare decisions for the child.

CPS only plays hardball. They have no problem in arranging for court orders to require medical care, and if they don’t get full cooperation, they have no problem in taking every child in the family into the foster care system and terminating parental rights to all of the children.

List of Resources for finding Physicians and other Healthcare Providers

There are several referral lists where you can search for physicians who have deepened their study of medicine to include various cutting edge non-pharmaceutical therapies. These physicians have joined together to form associations where they can teach one another what they have learned about alternatives to conventional franchise medical treatments.

These lists would be a good beginning point for your research. I can’t make any promises about the suitability of any particular physician to meet your needs, but the fact that they are part of these organizations is a good indication that they have learned to think outside of the box of conventional medicine, and might be respectful of others who are taking responsibility for finding the kind of healthcare they believe will be best for their children.

There are also many highly qualified healthcare providers who do not have M.D. or D.O. degrees. Many are highly trained healthcare professionals who are qualified to take care of you and your children. This resource list also contains links to some of these non-physician healthcare providers. Please be aware that some of the best options for your family healthcare may not be covered by insurance, if they are not part of the medical franchise. You will need to weigh the cost risk/benefits very carefully.

American Academy of Environmental Medicine

American College for Advancement in Medicine

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

International College of Integrative Medicine

American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine

Pastoral Medical Association

International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine

Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine

Holistic Dental Association

Holistic Doctors & Holistic Dentists: How to Find One

If you can’t find a healthcare provider in your area, you could contact one of the labs that they use for testing and ask for a list of providers in your geographical area.

The Council for Homeopathic Certification

Also see the list at Homeopath – Alternate Healthcare:

North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH)

Council for Homeopathic Certification

American Institute of Homeopathy

Some licensed health care providers such as medical doctors (MD), osteopathic doctors (DO), and naturopaths (ND), obtained training in homeopathy. They have DHt certification (Diplomate in Homeotherapeutics).

American Academy of Medical Acupuncture

National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Note: If you know of resources that would make this list better and more comprehensive, please contact us.

Conclusion: Do Not Assume This Could Never Happen to You!

It may be hard to visualize how a state controlled agency such as CPS can kidnap children. Sometimes people view reports of medical kidnapping with a grain of salt. They might think it is possible that CPS sometimes oversteps their authority, but they also wonder whether there was some level of reasonable concern to warrant their intrusion into the lives of families.

If you don’t understand how CPS could intrude into the lives of a normal family when there is no evidence of neglect or abuse, then I recommend watching the film, “After the Promise.” It shows exactly how CPS can take control over a family.

This film clearly showed how CPS operates in situations where there is no evidence of abuse. It shows how CPS disregards the rights of parents in the name of “doing what is right for the children.” This film shows how such situations actually look and feel.

This was a 1987 made for TV film, which shows how a family consisting of a father and his four sons was literally broken into pieces by the CPS and medical care system.

Plot Summary: Elmer Jackson is a carpenter in a small Californian town in the 1930s. Struggling to bring up four young boys after the death of his wife, he is horrified when the Government (citing trumped-up charges of parental neglect) places the boys into various foster homes and institutions. Once they entered into the foster care system, the boys were neglected, abused, and in one case even sterilized. The conditions imposed by the court and the difficulties caused by the economic Depression of the early 1930s make Jackson’s determined and vigorous quest to find his sons extremely difficult. [3]

Apparently, this film was based on a true to life story. The granddaughter of the father portrayed in the film provided the following comments in her review of the film:

Cathy Armstrong stated:

I cannot describe the true likeness portrayed by all the characters of the “Jackson” family. I know because in reality the “Jacksons” are the “Armstrongs.” Ellis was in fact a depiction of twin boys, Ellis and Elmer. Elmer is my father. It was to say the least comforting to watch Mark Hammel portray my Grandpa. He had all his mannerisms down pat! And the most amazing part of that was, my grandpa had been gone for years. Yes folks, this horrific thing really happened! These men were destroyed forever. My father is probably the only one who came out of this with an attitude of “I Will!” I just wish to say thank you to the cast for bringing my family’s trials to life. And a better understanding of why my dad had a difficult time being a family man. Cathy [4]

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