Deborah Sullivan Daugher Gardasil Injuries

One of Nurse Deborah Sullivan’s two daughters who was injured by the Gardasil HPV vaccine.

Health Impact News

The Alliance for Natural Health, USA division, has just published a new documentary film on the HPV vaccine titled: Manufactured Crisis: HPV, Hype & Horror.

The synopsis of the film states:

The pharmaceutical industry used faulty research, paid doctors and manipulated the media to push an unsafe vaccine onto the market.

They used political pressure to force this vaccine onto the public, despite any demonstrable public threat.

The result has been the devastation of many young girls’ lives.

Through interviews with leading experts, victims, and our own analysis of the vaccines themselves, the Alliance for Natural Health uncovered a conspiracy of greed that is being perpetrated on families around the world.

The film is currently available to watch on YouTube.

Here are some of the stories told by the victims that are contained within the film. (Source.)

Taylor and Theresa Wickline

Immediately after receiving her first dose of Gardasil, Taylor Wickline began displaying symptoms of vaccine injury that have plagued her for the last decade. We caught up with her and her mother at Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio in between the medical procedures that have become a full-time job for the pair. Their story is impactful and inspiring.

Trine Larson

Trine Larson’s daughter was vaccinated at age 12 and immediately began having medical problems. When Trine discovered that many other girls in her hometown of Copenhagen, Denmark, were having similar issues related to the HPV vaccine, she decided to get involved. She became an advocate for injured girls and has helped educate her countrymen about the dangers of this particular vaccine.

Valencia, Spain

We sat down with a victim’s group from the Spanish Mediterranean to discuss the stories of a great group of girls suffering devastating health obstacles as the result of HPV vaccines. What we found was a familiar situation, where governmental forces and the medical establishment have colluded to pressure families into administering these vaccines, with the same consequences as other locations around the world.