Ohio Community Fights Back Against Globalists: “We’re Dying Slowly – They’re Poisoning us Slowly”

After national celebrities have stopped off in East Palestine, Ohio, to get their photo-ops with the local residents who continue to suffer from the effects of blowing up derailed train cars carrying toxic chemicals, local residents are starting to form their own group, knowing that the news cycle will soon end with little to no help coming from the U.S. Government or the corporations that caused this disaster. Jami Cozza, a lifelong East Palestinian resident, has now teamed up with River Valley Organizing, and held their own "town hall" meeting with local residents. River Valley Organizing has already been in the community for years trying to fight back against corporate tyranny. Cozza has a message for her fellow residents, and it is a message that ALL of us in the United States need to hear right now if we are going to be successful in building community support to fight back against the Globalists, and that message is that we need to put aside our political differences and unite to fight back against the corporations we are all at war with today.

An Invitation to the Technologists to Join the Winning Side

The techno-prophecies of the past several decades predicting that technology would produce higher "life" forms through Artificial Intelligence have completely failed. And yet these prophecies continue today, with entities like the World Economic Forum predicting that the "Fourth Industrial" revolution is upon us, and the age of "Transhumanism." But the reality is that the technology is failing, not advancing. As we approach the end of the second month of 2023, 118,726 employees from Big Tech have already been laid off, following 161,061 layoffs in 2022, mostly in the second half of the year. The entire world economy is on the brink of collapse, and the banking industry is already bracing itself for bank runs, and the implementation of "bail ins" because there will be no "bail outs" this time, as happened in 2008. Techno-prophecies of a Technocratic New World Order run by robots and AI are pure insanity at this point, as the immediate future is going to be consumed with supply chain disruptions where it is going to be difficult to service the existing technology, as well as potential energy shortages and massive inflation. People are going to be more concerned about things like being able to fix their electric vehicles, or affording the electricity to power them, rather than worrying about robots and AI replacing them. And if a full blown kinetic war breaks out, the most pressing concern may be simply how to stay alive, and where to find one's next meal. There is almost nobody still alive in the U.S. today who went through WW II and the Great Depression, and even then, the war was "over there" in Europe, and the Pacific, and not in the heartland of the U.S. Massive cyber attacks, power grid failures, and supply chain disruptions could very well be in our not-too-distant future, or even worse. Look at what the people in Ohio near East Palestine are currently suffering through, and we still do not know the full scope of that disaster. Which side is more believable? The technocrats' side that keeps making techno-prophecies about how the technology is going to evolve and take over the world replacing human beings, or the side that has been written about in the Scriptures for over 2000 years, that the earth is going to be destroyed and that a new one is going to be created, ruled by Jesus Christ?

Who Owns the World Health Organization and Their Plan to Vaccinate and Digitally Track Every Human Being on the Planet?

It has been widely reported in the Alternative Media this past week that the World Health Organization (WHO) is drafting a new "Pandemic Agreement" that would turn over all future pandemic responses to the WHO and would be legally binding worldwide. The WHO, however, is simply a puppet organization that is funded by Globalist Billionaires, so let's put some faces to this organization and reveal who is really behind this effort to vaccinate every single person on the planet, and then track everyone via digital IDs.

Triple COVID Vaxxed 25-Year-Old Medical Doctor Dies Suddenly – 132 Canadian Doctors Have Now Died Since COVID Vaccine Roll Out

Dr. Anthony Emanuel Chifor grew up in Windsor, Ontario. His family, like mine, was from Slovakia and had emigrated to Canada to find a better life. He graduated from University of Windsor where he was celebrated as an Outstanding Scholar and a Lead Gold Medallion Scholar, earning his B.Sc. in Biology and Biochemistry with Great Distinction and was part of the Dean’s Honour Roll. He was studying medicine at Wayne State University School of Medicine, in Detroit Michigan (USA), when he was forced to take three COVID-19 vaccines to continue his medical training. He was in the process of completing his 3rd year of medical school when he died suddenly at the age of 25, on January 17, 2023. He is currently the youngest Canadian doctor death in my database. According to my research, deaths of Canadian doctors under the age of 30 increased by 900% in 2022 compared to the 2019-2020 average. His medical school continues to enforce its COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

DOJ and FTC go After Big Tech and Their Apps for Selling Personal Medical Data

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced yesterday that together with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) they had reached a settlement with GoodRx Holdings Inc., which markets an online prescription drug app, GoodRx. They settled for $1.5 million after they filed a complaint earlier this month alleging that GoodRx had disclosed millions of users’ personal health information to third parties without the users’ authorization, consent, or knowledge. Rebecca Pifer, writing for HealthCareDive.com, states that this is the first time the FTC has taken action against Big Tech by using the "Health Breach Notification Rule" which was passed in 2010, and signifies the U.S. Government's intent to start going after more online digital health companies who sell users' personal health information without their consent.

WW III Update: China and Russia Join Forces to Fight Back Against the U.S.

Earlier this month (February, 2023) I reported how we are already in the midst of World War 3, albeit in the early stages. Based on media reports this week, it appears that the next stage of this war is about to be launched, as Russia has publicly warned the U.S. about the threat of nuclear confrontation, and China has announced that it is joining forces with Russia. Financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong believes that this WW III is needed to cover up sovereign debts that the U.S. can no longer pay. Edward Dowd, the former billion dollar hedge fund manager at Blackrock, predicted this week that the U.S. stock market might fall apart in the next "week or two."

Eating Lab Grown Chicken Equivalent to Eating Cancer Tumors?

This past November we reported how a new lab-grown chicken product is being developed and could soon be available commercially. The company, Upside Foods, is run by a medical doctor, and they put out a press release last year claiming that the FDA had "cleared" the product. But that was simply a clever marketing campaign, as the FDA does not approve foods, like they do drugs. Unlike other lab-produced meats which are vegetarian and plant based, this product uses cell lines from chickens. Bloomberg did an investigative report on this product this week, and reported that these cell lines are "immortalized" and are basically the same as cancerous tumors. They reported: "Thank the biotech revolution. Under the right conditions, animal cells can be grown in a petri dish, or even at scale in factories full of stainless-steel drums. For decades, companies such as Pfizer Inc. and Johnson & Johnson have cultured large volumes of cells to produce vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and other biotherapeutics. Now the idea is that we might as well eat these cells, too."

Tens of Thousands Worldwide Protest War in Ukraine as Biden Secretly Shows up in Kiev to Support War and Pledge Half $BILLION More in Weapons

With Ohio suffering one of the worst disasters in recent times, as another explosion in Ohio happened today with "mass casualties," and with tens of thousands of people DEAD in Turkey and Syria as today another 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit the same area while Israel bombed Damascus killing and injuring dozens, tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Munich Germany and Washington D.C. to protest the war in Ukraine, as President Biden secretly flies to Kiev to meet with Zelenskyy to show his support for the war and pledge another half $BILLION in weapons.

2 Years Too Late: Florida Surgeon General Only Now Highlights VAERS Increase in COVID Vaccine Adverse Events – Fails to Call for Halt of COVID Shots

Since early in the year 2021, Health Impact News, and many others, have been warning the public on the sudden increase in injuries and deaths occurring after people took experimental COVID shots, as the sheer number of adverse reactions began to sky rocket in the U.S. Government's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). Our goal in sharing with the public these statistics in VAERS that were NOT being reported in the corporate media, was to warn the public that these shots were NOT safe, and that they were not even vaccines in the traditional definition of vaccines, but bioweapons designed to reduce the world's population while bringing in great profit to the pharmaceutical companies producing them. And now 2 years later here in 2023, after 670,987,625 doses of COVID-19 bioweapon shots have been injected into the bodies of Americans, and with people currently receiving COVID-19 shots at the lowest level since they were given emergency use authorizations, Florida's Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo has issued a "Health Alert on mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Safety" on February 15, 2023 based on the Government's own statistics in VAERS. If people like me and many others have been able to pull these statistics out of VAERS and warn the public for over 2 years now, what took Ladapo so long? And now that he is finally admitting this problem, what is he doing about it? Is he calling for an immediate halt to these killer shots? Is he calling for prosecution of the murderers who implemented these weapons of mass destruction? No, he issued a "scathing letter" to the FDA and CDC "requesting" that they "promote transparency in health care professionals to accurately communicate the risks these vaccines pose." I'm sure the people at the FDA and CDC are shaking in their boots over this letter.

Was the Train Crash and Chemical Burn in Ohio an Act of Domestic Terrorism?

The train derailment over two weeks ago in East Palestine, Ohio, and the "slow release" burn-off of hazardous chemicals, is starting to look like it was potentially an act of domestic terrorism. Many questions are being asked about eerie "coincidences" surrounding the crash, which the federal government has been very slow to respond to, with FEMA originally denying a request for federal assistance, until reversing that decision late yesterday more than two weeks after the crash. Perhaps an exclusive story published earlier in the day yesterday by The Daily Mail out of the UK, highlighting how people were suffering, was instrumental in putting pressure on the Biden Administration. Citizen journalists and Internet Sleuths have uncovered several suspicious events that happened prior to the crash. I have all the evidence that this was possibly an act of domestic terrorism in a video compilation which is less than 10 minutes long.