Western Journalist Publishes Rare View Inside a China COVID-19 Quarantine Camp

British journalist Thomas Hale is the Shanghai correspondent for Financial Times, and he recently published a rare account of what life is like inside one of China's COVID-19 quarantine camps, where he was restricted for 10 days, not because he tested positive for COVID, but because he was tracked through his cell phone as being close to someone else who tested positive for COVID. The title of the article is "I spent 10 days in a secret Chinese Covid detention centre." What follows is a detailed account of his experience, which is apparently quite rare for a foreigner, and perhaps resulted from a misspelling of his name when his information was entered into their COVID-19 tracking system. And while being forcibly confined as basically a prisoner, one of the things that apparently surprised Hale was how compliant and accepting the Chinese were to such drastic measures with China's ZERO Covid policies. "One man told me he estimated that 90 per cent of Chinese people agreed with the government’s approach."

STOP the Infanticide! 5,000% Increase in Fetal Deaths Following COVID-19 Vaccines!

The U.S. Government's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) was updated today, and there are now 4,534 fetal deaths recorded in VAERS following COVID-19 vaccines given to pregnant and child-bearing women. And these recorded fetal deaths are but a fraction of the real number of unborn children who have died since the COVID-19 experimental vaccines were given emergency use authorization, as a previous report published for Department of Health and Human Services stated that fewer than 1% of all vaccine adverse events are actually reported to VAERS. By way of contrast, for the 30 years prior to the emergency use authorization of the COVID-19 vaccines, there were 2,245 reported cases of fetal deaths following all FDA-approved vaccines, or about 75 fetal deaths per year. Taking the total fetal deaths following COVID-19 vaccines for the year 2021, 3,774 fetal deaths, that is an increase of 4,943% over the yearly average of fetal deaths following all FDA-approved vaccines for the previous 30 years. Besides these government statistics from VAERS, medical professionals are corroborating this evidence of infanticide by COVID-19 vaccines based on the increase they are seeing in fetal deaths and stillborn babies following the roll outs of the COVID-19 vaccines. An alleged leaked email from a "managing nurse" from a hospital in Fresno, California, states that there has been an increase in stillbirths following the COVID-19 vaccines, and that this trend is expected to continue according to Epoch Times. This follows a report we recently published by Dr. John Campbell regarding the increase in neonatal deaths in Scotland. And that follows another report we published last month (October, 2022) from Dr. James Thorp, who was interviewed by Dr. Drew Pensky and stated that in the past two years since the mRNA COVID vaccines were introduced, he has seen an “off-the-charts” rise in sudden fetal death and adverse pregnancy outcomes, such as fetal malformation and even fetal cardiac arrest, among his patients. And that follows a report we published in September of a Toronto-area casket manufacturer who reported that for the first time in his 30 years of manufacturing coffins, they had to order more coffins than usual for children, ordering them in bulk this year, as there has been such a dramatic increase in deaths among children. And that follows a report we published in June from Dr. Elizabeth Mumper who stated “For a first-trimester woman to get this injection, they have more of a chance of having a miscarriage or stillbirth than if they were to actually take an abortifacient.” Another article we published in June reported that birth rates around the world were dropping since the COVID-19 vaccines were mass distributed to the public. In May, we published an article reporting that the FDA had data showing 82% – 97% of pregnant women injected with the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine lost their babies before the FDA authorized the shots. This problem of massive fetal deaths following COVID-19 vaccines is very well documented and testified to now. It has even been covered on Fox News, and I alone have gotten this message out to millions of people now. And while the Red State Governors have been quick to utilize the recent Supreme Court ruling to make it illegal for parents in their states to kill their unborn children via abortion, how many governors are taking action to prevent parents from trying to kill their unborn children, and even their children already born, with the COVID-19 shots? NONE OF THEM! As for the 50 U.S. Senators and the 435 members of the House of Representatives, as well as the former Republican President of the United States, how many of them are taking a stand against infanticide and attempted child murder via the COVID-19 shots? NONE OF THEM! They are all pro-vaccine, including pro-COVID-19 vaccines. The blood of the unborn is staining this country and crying out to God, and much of it is being shed by those who call themselves "Christians" and "Conservatives" who will find out, perhaps too late, that God does not care about your political or religious affiliations. Justice will be served at the correct time. And in my opinion, that time is coming soon.

Is a False Flag Iranian Attack on Saudi Oil being Planned to Blame an Increase in Oil Prices?

From the Korean Peninsula, to the Ukraine borders, to Taiwan and now the Middle East and many other parts of the globe, it seems that every day now I am reading that war is about to break out. With the U.S. mid-term elections just days away now, it seems that the entire world is on edge. Earlier this week the Wall Street Journal reported that Saudi Arabia had shared intelligence with the U.S. about an imminent attack on their oil fields by Iran, and earlier today it was reported that a Telegram channel belonging to Iran posted a simulated attack on Saudi Arabia. I lived in Dhahran in Saudi Arabia in the mid-1990s, right next to the ARAMCO oil company, and the U.S. military presence was everywhere. If it is similar today, I can hardly believe that Iran would be foolish enough to start bombing what is basically an outpost of the U.S. military, but who knows. One thing is for certain, Big Oil is profitable again in spite of the Green Agenda. The two largest US energy majors just had blowout quarters, with Exxon posting its strongest quarterly result in the company’s 152-year history including its highest ever net income, while #2 Chevron reported its second-largest profit; the two companies amassed more than $30 billion in combined net income.

New California Law Allows Children from All 50 States to Seek Transgender Medical Services without Parent’s Permission

California recently passed SB 107 allowing children from all 50 states to seek transgender medical services in California, even if a parent does not approve. "With this law, California is basically saying it can take temporary emergency jurisdiction over any child from anywhere if there's a disagreement between a parent and the state of California over how to treat a child's gender distress," Emilie Kao, senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom said. Greg Reese reports how some groups in California are actively recruiting children from "Red" States where parents may disagree with transgender medical procedures.

Is the Public Being Conditioned for the Next COVID Scam with a “Lab Escaped” Killer Mutant Virus?

"Viruses May Be Watching You – Lying in Wait Before Multiplying and Killing," read a recent headline at SciTechDaily. The article goes on with its apocalyptic warnings: "Viruses may be ‘watching’ you – some microbes lie in wait until their hosts unintentionally give them the signal to start multiplying and kill them. Especially after more than two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people picture a virus as a nasty spiked ball – essentially a mindless killer that gets into a cell and hijacks its machinery to create a gazillion copies of itself before bursting out. For many viruses, including the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, the mindless killer moniker is essentially true." Wow! Who knew that viruses could be so intelligent, and actually participate in premeditated murder of its hosts? Well here's the problem: it's all fake. Stuff like this might happen in science fiction movies or TV series, but in real life there is zero evidence of such intelligence in viruses. The sole purpose of publishing such fiction in a pseudo-scientific publication is to create FEAR, which then can be leveraged to sell PRODUCTS, such as vaccines. And that might be exactly what is happening today, as recent headlines in the corporate media are claiming that "new strains" of the COVID "virus" are being developed in laboratories with deadly "kill rates" of up to 80%. With so many people carrying around blood clots and weakened hearts from the COVID-19 vaccines, it would be reasonable to expect that a surge in deaths and illnesses in the weeks ahead could be attributed by the "health authorities" to something new, like a lab-escaped "mutant virus" to bring about new emergency measures to develop new drugs and vaccines for this "new variant." And these "leaked" news stories about lab-created "killer COVID-19 viruses" could very well be readying the masses in the public who still trust the corporate media and the corrupt government alphabet agencies to accept this new scam.

More Women are Dying from Cervical Cancer Since the Gardasil Vaccine Was Introduced

Prior to the COVID-19 experimental vaccines that were tested on the public with disastrous results, the HPV Gardasil vaccine was the #1 most-read topic on Health Impact News, as we have published literally hundreds of articles on this deadly vaccine that has destroyed so many lives. The Gardasil vaccine produced by Merck is advertised as a way to prevent cervical cancer by stopping the Human papillomavirus. The HPV vaccine causes autoimmune diseases as well as Primary Ovarian Failure making young girls infertile. And now, a new study from researchers at UCLA has revealed that late stage cervical cancer has actually been increasing since the Gardasil vaccine was launched.

Medical System Struggles with How to Treat Heart Disease Caused by COVID Vaccines

One of the most prestigious medical journals dealing with heart disease, the Journal of the American Heart Association (JAHA), has published two new articles this month dealing with how to detect and treat COVID-19 vaccine induced heart disease (myocarditis, pericarditis, and myopericarditis). They are: "Vaccine‐Triggered Acute Autoimmune Myocarditis: Defining, Detecting, and Managing an Apparently Novel Condition" and "Myocarditis After COVID‐19 Vaccination in Pediatrics: A Proposed Pathway for Triage and Treatment." Medical journals are generally not written for the public, but for doctors and other medical professionals, so you will not hear about this in the corporate news which is heavily sponsored by the drug companies who produce the COVID vaccines, and would not want the general public to have this information. The JAHA published studies admit to a difficult situation in treating what they refer to as a "novel" cardiac disease that is caused by COVID-19 vaccines without fueling "vaccine hesitancy" which would reduce the number of people getting COVID-19 vaccines, which of course they are obligated to believe are necessary to fight the COVID-19 "virus" disease. To admit otherwise, would be to admit these vaccines are a total scam and unnecessarily killing and maiming people, a criminal offense. So the fact that JAHA even has to address this issue and give guidance to medical providers in how to detect and treat these new "novel"  vaccine-induced cardiac diseases, proves that these vaccines cause harm, especially among young males. The fact that JAHA is even addressing this issue, is truly astounding, because they are basically admitting that this is a very real and very serious problem, and that they have been totally unprepared on how to detect and treat these vaccine-induced cases of heart disease.

New Bivalent COVID-19 Booster Shots Continue to Kill and Injure as U.S. Government Targets Blacks and Hispanics

The U.S. Government's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) updated their database yesterday and added another 1,020 injuries and 8 deaths following the new Bivalent COVID-19 booster shots, bringing the totals now for the new booster shots to 5,435 injuries, 45 deaths, 53 permanent injuries, 535 ER visits, and 192 hospitalizations. The CDC and the U.S. Government are trying to convince the public that without these new booster shots, their chances of dying from COVID are much higher, but the CDC's own statistics show that "All Deaths Involving COVID-19" have been steadily declining since the end of July, even though the new Bivalent booster shots were not approved until the end of August. This means they are lying to the public, and people are being injured and dying after the new booster shots needlessly. And earlier this week the U.S. Government spent U.S. taxpayer money to develop new TV and radio ads targeting Blacks and Hispanics to go get the deadly booster shots. Please warn people that these ads are "misinformation" based on the U.S. Government's own statistics, and are only designed to sell more of Moderna and Pfizer's vaccines, which are becoming less and less popular.

The Fantasy of Autonomous Self-Driving Cars is Coming to an End as Tesla Faces DOJ Criminal Probe

For years now the technocrats have made huge predictions about how technology is rapidly advancing and is poised to replace humans, or become hybrids with them, in the not-too-distant future. The problem with this soaring faith in technology is that many of the lofty techno-prophecies have been largely science fiction, and the kind of propaganda that Hollywood has been brainwashing people to believe in for decades now. Starting with the mega box office successful Star Wars films back in the 1970s, along with popular TV franchises such as Star Trek, the technocrats have brainwashed the public into believing that such technology as replicating food at the push of button, or transporting people through space, or android and holographic "people" were the destiny of technology, and how it would become a normal part of our lives. Well, welcome to 2022, where none of that stuff has happened yet, and never will, because it is all science fiction. But we now have several generations of people who still believe in the techno-prophecies, and some of them have become billionaires where they could actually throw a ton of money into trying to invent some of this science fiction. Perhaps the one technology that has received some of the most techno-prophecy funding is "self-driving vehicles." Well if no one else has publicly said this yet, I will be happy to be the first one to do so: The fantasy of completely autonomous self-driving vehicles that will replace human drivers is now officially DEAD. Reuters announced this week that the DOJ has started a criminal probe into Tesla's claims of "self-driving" cars, which allegedly began last year, and is perhaps the reason why Andrej Karpathy, the former head of Tesla's AI department and Autopilot driving assistance software, abruptly quit this past July after working on Tesla's self driving vehicle system for five years. While not mentioning the Reuters' exclusive report on the DOJ's criminal probe into Tesla, Ford and Volkswagen announced this week that they were halting further investments into AI self-driving vehicles, forcing Argo AI, an AV technology startup founded by Uber and Google veterans, to shut down.

Has Florida Become the Top State in the U.S. for Medical Kidnapping and Child Trafficking?

Florida is rapidly becoming the go-to State for people fleeing the rapidly decaying mega urban centers in the U.S., and that includes some of the richest and most famous billionaires who have recently moved their residency to Florida, such as former President Donald Trump and Oracle founder Larry Ellison, among others. Even Ukraine President and alleged Billionaire Volodymyr Zelensky has a $35 million dollar mansion in South Florida, where he will undoubtedly retire to if the war in his country doesn't go his way. And with Wall Street mega-bank criminals now starting their own virtual stock exchange, MEMX, it is probably only a matter of time before South Florida replaces New York's Wall Street as the new residence of most of the world's billionaires and bankers who can just work online while hitting the Florida beaches. Tragically, one thing that seems to follow the rich and famous in this country is the problem of human trafficking, and specifically child sex trafficking, as even Jeffrey Epstein ran a major portion of his child sex trafficking operation through South Florida. As we have reported numerous times over the years, the #1 source for child trafficking in the United States is the corrupt child welfare program that funds foster care and adoptions in the U.S. You can learn more about this corrupt system of child trafficking that imperils all of the nation's children every day on our Medical Kidnapping website. Thanks to some good local reporting in Florida, many families who have had their children taken away from them illegally by the State of Florida are fighting back and now suing the State of Florida, naming Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Executive Director of the Florida Department of Health Dr. Joseph Ladapo as defendants.