Who Do You Trust for Your Food? REAL Food is Created by God – Biotech Food is Polluted and Poisonous

As the techno-prophecies today are being proven to be mostly pure fantasy not based on anything real, and as we face the imminent collapse of our financial system drawing closer each day to the Great Reset, it is important that we learn from the mistakes these false beliefs that have propped up modern society have made, so that those who survive the difficult times we are now heading into, can begin to rebuild society on things that are true and lasting. And one of the most pressing needs is to decentralize food production, breaking our society's slavery to Big Food and their technology where just a handful of technocrats among the Billionaires and Bankers control most of the world's food today, food that is contaminated and poisonous. What I am going to cover in this article today are solutions to the problem of having so few people control most of the world's food, by first properly defining just what food is and where REAL food comes from, so we can break the monopolies of Big Food and their slavery over the world's population, and return to time-proven methods of food production that bring about health and food security. Most of this is information I have previously published over the past 20 years, but it is more important than ever to define real food, as we have entire generations now who have no clue as to where their food comes from, and how mass-produced biotech food affects our health.

The U.S. Medical System is Collapsing after Mass Exodus of Doctors and Nurses

The fact that there is a crisis in the U.S. medical system is not in dispute, as even the corporate media has been covering this since 2021, as many hospital Emergency Rooms across the U.S. have either closed down completely, or reduced their hours, due to lack of staffing. Earlier this month (November 2022) a group of medical organizations that include the American Medical Association and American Psychiatric Association warned President Biden that hospital emergency departments were reaching a “breaking point” as they deal with influxes of patients seeking beds that are not available. A report from commercial intelligence company Definitive Healthcare earlier this month stated that 334,000 physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other clinicians left the workforce in 2021. While statistics for 2022 are not available yet as the year has not yet finished, a survey conducted back in March this year revealed that one third of the nation's nurses were planning on leaving their jobs in 2022. These are facts that nobody is disputing. However, when we look at the reasons why these medical staff have left their jobs, there appear to be certain reasons that are not allowed to be mentioned or discussed in the corporate news media. What is never addressed is how many of these medical professionals, most of whom were mandated to take the experimental COVID-19 vaccines, have died or were disabled following the COVID-19 shots. The other reason that is never reported in the corporate news, is the emotional and mental state of medical professionals who still work in the system, and who have come to realize what these deadly shots actually do, but are too afraid to speak out. There are no political or judicial solutions to this problem, as both the Democrats and the Republicans are pro-vaccine, as is the U.S. Supreme Court. You will not find relief there. The only option left is to stop using the medical system.

The Religion of the Technocrats is Failing, as is Their Technology

As I noted in my article about the demise of self-driving vehicles, the faith in artificial intelligence is crashing down to reality, as investors in the technology find out the hard way that computers just cannot do all the things that the techno-prophecies have claimed. This was exposed in a recently published Bloomberg article quite eloquently by publishing quotes from Anthony Levandowski, the engineer who created the model for self-driving vehicle research and was, for more than a decade, "the field’s biggest star." So strong was his belief in artificial intelligence, that he literally started a new religion worshiping it called "The Way of the Future" Church. But after several years of waiting for the AI messiah to arrive and start replacing humans, his faith was shattered. Fast forward now 5 years later where AI cannot even figure out how to make a left turn in normal traffic, and these AI believers are quickly abandoning the faith, and starting to understand the limitations of computers.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Shows 72% Drop in Births 9 Months After COVID Shots Started

Australia appears to be one of the first countries to publish birth rates for 2021, and their December 2021 statistics show that births dropped 72% over the previous December average for the past six years. This drop in births is reportedly about 9 months after the roll-out of the COVID vaccines. The belief that these experimental COVID vaccines were never designed to prevent illness, but to reduce the world's population, is looking less and less like a "conspiracy theory" every day as the facts continue to come in. The funeral industry is booming, while life and health insurance companies are suffering. Could these numbers from Australia be the start of a flood of data that will come in now showing dramatic deceases in births and fertility rates following the COVID-19 vaccines? 

Big Tech Crash! Twitter Near Bankruptcy, Amazon First Company to Lose $1 TRILLION, Facebook Fires 11,000 Employees

I don't think the technocrats will be developing any "transhumans" anytime soon. On Wednesday this week, Amazon.com became the first publicly traded company in history to lose $1 trillion in market valuation. And then yesterday afternoon, Elon Musk told Twitter employees at an "all-hands meeting" that the company is losing so much money that "bankruptcy is not out of the question." All of this happened after the great cryptocurrency collapse of Tuesday, when the equivalent of a “bank run” happened when crypto exchange FTX saw $6 billion of withdrawals in a 72-hour span, resulting in them stopping the process of withdrawals. The other Big Tech news on Tuesday was that Facebook parent company Meta announced it is slashing more than 11,000 jobs, reducing its workforce by about 13 percent. This follows news that we reported about 2 weeks ago that the Department of Justice has started a probe into Tesla over their claims of having a "self-driving car." At about the same time this news was reported, Ford and Volkswagen announced that they were halting further investments into AI self-driving vehicles, forcing Argo AI, an AV technology startup founded by Uber and Google veterans, to shut down. The Big Technology Crash of 2022 has started, and it will probably make the Dot-com stock market crash of 2001 look like a walk in the park when this crash hits bottom.

Ukraine’s Largest and Most Modern City has No Electricity or Running Water – Mission Accomplished?

The plight of people living in Ukraine has taken a backseat to the theatrics of the U.S. mid-term elections for the past week or so, so if you have not seen any of the news reports coming out of Ukraine, it appears that the war is effectively over, as the capital city of Kyiv, along with other major urban areas, have had their infrastructure destroyed, as people face cold weather with no electricity, and have to line up for hours just to get water. And while just a few weeks ago the corporate media was whipping everyone up into a frenzy about possible nuclear strikes by Russia, or false flag attacks inside Ukraine which would have escalated the war, this week the corporate media is widely reporting that negotiations with Russia, by both the U.S. as well as Ukraine, are now back on the table. If such negotiations ultimately end up with Russia hanging on to their annexed territories that they now claim are part of Russia, does that mean Russia "won"? Well, that would depend on what your view is regarding why this conflict began in the first place. As we reported back in September, an alleged leaked document from the U.S. military think tank RAND Corporation that was published about 1 month before Russia invaded Ukraine, stated that a weakened Germany and weakened Europe would strengthen the U.S. economy, by exporting more energy to Europe in place of the cheap energy they were purchasing from Russia, and by increasing U.S. military spending. And that seems to be exactly what has happened. So from that point of view, the Billionaires on Wall Street that control Big Oil and private corporations with defense contracts raking in $BILLIONS to send weapons to Europe, are the big winners, regardless of the outcome of the war.

Crypto Currency Billionaire Loses Fortune Almost Overnight as Crypto Ponzi Business Exposed – The Beginning of the Great Reset?

November 8, 2022 will obviously be remembered in history as the day of the U.S. mid-term elections, but could another event that happened yesterday eclipse even the national elections? Earlier this year I warned that cryptocurrencies were NOT safe havens to protect financial wealth, when Coinbase, the largest US crypto exchange service, announced that they had cut off 25,000 Russian wallets. As I noted then, I have never felt comfortable putting major resources into cryptocurrencies for several reasons, the most obvious one being that it is dependent upon “the system,” which requires, among other things, electricity and a working Internet. New problems with cryptocurrencies were exposed yesterday, when the equivalent of a "bank run" happened when crypto exchange FTX saw $6 billion of withdrawals in a 72-hour span, resulting in them reportedly stopping the process of withdrawals yesterday.  Some big investors, including Blackrock and celebrity athletes including Stephen Curry and Tom Brady, were heavily invested in FTX. Sam Bankman-Fried, once featured on the cover of Fortune Magazine as potentially the next "Warren Buffet," and has now reportedly lost 94% of his $16 billion fortune, may be better compared to Bernie Madoff, as ZeroHedge News found an interview he did a few months ago where he admitted that crypto yield farming is basically a Ponzi business. The big question now is when will the other big Ponzi scheme rupture, the New York Stock Exchange, sending the U.S. and probably the rest of the world into financial ruins and usher in the Great Reset?

A Sick and Dying Nation Partakes of a November Ritual Called “Voting” Looking for Change in the Wrong Places

Many Americans will take part in the November ritual of election years to go out and vote for their favorite political candidates today, believing that if enough people vote the way they do, positive change will be the result. This ritual is very sacred, because it is drilled into Americans from early in life that it is our civic duty to vote, and that if we don't vote and the country then falls apart and goes to hell, it will be our fault for not voting. However, the most pressing issues facing our country, and the solutions to these issues are not going to be resolved by either political party being in power. The only way this country is going to change, is if Americans decide to change themselves, and decide to divorce themselves from the Luciferian world system that seeks to enslave us, which uses both political parties to do so. We need to stop being simply consumers of technology, and that will be forced upon us as the technology continues to fail, and start becoming producers of real goods and services again, which is how this country was built following WW II. The tipping point for this country will soon arrive, and it will be marked by the total financial collapse that is a certainty now, as the only question left is "when", and no longer "if." The future of this nation rests upon YOU, and not the puppet politicians the Globalists put in place to perpetuate their plans for a Luciferian New World Order that wants to drastically reduce the world's population because the individual human life has no value to them. To them you are simply a product of Darwinian evolution, and it is time for them to get rid of all the "useless" people who stand in the way of their agendas and move on to the next stage of the evolutionary cycle, which they want you to believe is a technocratic one with things like "transhumans." And only YOU can stop that. Because it is all a lie, built upon a faulty foundation of a godless worldview that started with Darwin, and completely ignores the fact that human beings are created by God, in his image, giving the individual great worth.

Is Big Tech Monitoring and Controlling You?

Today, if you use Big Tech's products, as almost everyone in the U.S. does, your actions and speech are being monitored. If you use a mobile device such as a cell phone, and/or a laptop or desktop computer connected to the Internet, or anything else connected to the Internet such as your front door bell, or your thermostat, or if you drive a late-model car that is connected to the Internet, you are being monitored. I am not saying that you are necessarily actively being spied upon and listened to, but your actions and speech are being recorded and stored in a database in the Cloud somewhere, where it can be retrieved and analyzed at any time by a real person. For most people, their actions and communications are aggregated and analyzed by computer code, like "artificial intelligence," mainly for the purpose of making money off of you by advertising products and services customized to your personal data, such as your gender, your age, your location, what you watch on TV, your religious and political views, who you associate with, etc. That's how Big Tech primarily makes its money, through advertising. But all of that data they collect on you, which today can include everything you say and share on social media, or devices like "Alexa," what you buy including where and when you buy it, what programs and videos you watch, where you drive to, when you turn your lights off at night or turn your thermostat down, and even what you thought were "private" communications, such as social media "private" chats, conversations on your cell phone, or email correspondences on Big Tech's "free" email platforms - ALL OF THIS DATA IS FOR SALE, for the right price.

“Died Unexpectedly” Cases Surge with More Deaths in 2022 than 2020-2021 as People Continue to Get COVID-19 Vaccines

The fact that deaths of previously healthy young people are now exploding around the world is no longer in dispute, as even the corporate media has had to address this tragic phenomenon. The Telegraph reported this week: "Excess deaths in England and Wales are currently running higher than in the main pandemic years of 2020 and 2021, figures have shown. Throughout October, there have been an average of 1,564 extra deaths per week, compared with a weekly average of just 315 in 2020 and 1,322 in 2021." What none of these corporate media sources dare to address, of course, is if these young, formerly healthy people were vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccines, and what possible role the experimental vaccines could have played in their "unexpected" deaths. The reason for this is undoubtedly because the corporate media today is not an industry that can exist in a free market, and is therefore dependent on sponsors to fund them, and the largest sponsors are from the pharmaceutical industry. To even suggest that the COVID-19 vaccines played any part in these "unexpected" deaths would cause people to stop wanting to receive their vaccine products, and it would also open them up to criminal prosecution. As I have previously reported, here in the U.S. the criminal government agencies that protect the pharmaceutical industry have labeled these deaths Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS), and developed a new term and category to explain the diseases that are crippling those who do not die called "Long COVID." The problem with using "Long COVID" as the name for a disease, is that it is simply based on a list of symptoms, the same symptoms found in the U.S. Government's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) following COVID-19 vaccines, and there is no laboratory test to diagnose "Long COVID." If health insurance companies were forced to start covering the costs of treating all these cases of "Long COVID," it would almost certainly mean the financial collapse of the insurance industry.