All the Many Ways Big Tech is Selling Your Data to the Government Who is Spying on Americans without Warrants

I am not going to cover the RESTRICT Act proposed legislation regarding TikTok, since just about everyone else in the alternative and right-wing corporate media seems to be covering that story, but I am going to highlight some of the many ways the U.S. Government already purchases data from Big Tech and spies on American citizens, illegally, without a warrant. These articles are from the Cyber Vice topic, a great source of information on the darker side of Tech.

The Digitalization of Agriculture: Big Tech’s Plan to Take Over the Food Supply

As I recently reported earlier this week, everything and anything related to digital computer technology these days is being labeled as "Artificial Intelligence" (AI), the new marketing buzzword for Big Tech to lure money from investors, so it should not surprise us that Big Tech is now attempting to apply AI to food production. A report published at the end of 2022 by The ETC Group does an excellent job of reporting just how Big Tech is planning on taking over the world's food supply: Food Barons 2022 - Crisis Profiteering, Digitalization and Shifting Power. They report: "The vista of new digital initiatives in food and ag is dizzying. On the farm, it includes concerted attempts to impose digital agriculture, weaving in drone sprayers, Artificial Intelligence-driven robotic planters and automated animal-feeding operations tricked out with facial recognition for livestock. Big Ag giants such as Bayer, Deere & Company, Corteva, Syngenta and Nutrien are restructuring their entire businesses around Big Data platforms. Bayer’s ‘Field View’ digital platform, for  example, extracts 87.5 billion datapoints from 180 million acres (78.2 million hectares) of farmland in 23 countries and  funnels it into the cloud servers of Microsoft and Amazon. Deere, the world’s largest farm machinery company, now employs more software engineers than mechanical engineers." This is the reason why billionaire technocrats, such as Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, are now among the largest owners of farmland in the United States. This is the future of the technology, and they know it. With Big Tech's encroachment into agriculture, we have now moved from "Is this food safe to eat?" to "Is this even 'food' and is it edible?" If it is packaged and sold in fast food restaurants and grocery stores, most people just assume it is edible and not something that will poison and kill you, because "they wouldn't do that." But who are "they"? You mean regulatory agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that just authorized a population-reduction set of products called "COVID-19 vaccines"? Nah, of course not. "They" would never allow poisonous, inedible food that harms the public be sold commercially, would they?

You Are Being Watched! More Security Cameras Per Capita in the U.S. than in China: Silicon Valley Whistleblower

The technology used in China to confine people to quarantine camps and determine social credit scores already exists here in the U.S. also. In fact, according to a Silicon Valley whistleblower, there are more security cameras per capita here in the U.S., right NOW, than there are in China! This is most certainly an important issue that everyone needs to be educated about, and so I highly recommend you spend the time to watch this recent interview with Silicon Valley whistleblower Aman Jabbi who was recently interviewed by Maria Zeee. I used to earn my living from Big Tech, and have been warning people for years that the biggest threat from Big Tech is NOT technology that is supposedly going to replace humans or breed new "transhumans," but that the biggest threat was from using artificial intelligence (AI) to be able to monitor huge amounts of data to try and track every single person on the face of the planet. But having been out of the technology field for many years now, even I learned many things from this interview with Aman Jabbi, who has since moved out of Silicon Valley to live in a remote area of Montana. Aman's area of expertise is in camera technology, and watching his presentation introduced me to new concepts I was not previously familiar with, such as geofencing, panopticon, talk pedometers, and LED incapacitators. If you are not familiar with these terms, as I wasn't, this video is must viewing. It was published a week ago and already has over 270,000 views at the time I am writing this. One of things Aman discussed was the fact that collecting data on children is a "BIG BUSINESS," and parents are unwittingly supplying this data to Big Tech by using their products, such as the "Talk Pedometer." This gives the State and Child "Protective" Services a way to spy on parents and take away their children if they don't approve of their parenting style. Another topic Aman covered in his presentation was "LED Capacitators" and "smart light poles." These are weapons, and the fact that these LED light weapons exist is not an area of dispute, as there is even a Wikipedia page about them, and law enforcement agencies are allegedly already using them.

Big Tech Crash! Twitter Near Bankruptcy, Amazon First Company to Lose $1 TRILLION, Facebook Fires 11,000 Employees

I don't think the technocrats will be developing any "transhumans" anytime soon. On Wednesday this week, became the first publicly traded company in history to lose $1 trillion in market valuation. And then yesterday afternoon, Elon Musk told Twitter employees at an "all-hands meeting" that the company is losing so much money that "bankruptcy is not out of the question." All of this happened after the great cryptocurrency collapse of Tuesday, when the equivalent of a “bank run” happened when crypto exchange FTX saw $6 billion of withdrawals in a 72-hour span, resulting in them stopping the process of withdrawals. The other Big Tech news on Tuesday was that Facebook parent company Meta announced it is slashing more than 11,000 jobs, reducing its workforce by about 13 percent. This follows news that we reported about 2 weeks ago that the Department of Justice has started a probe into Tesla over their claims of having a "self-driving car." At about the same time this news was reported, Ford and Volkswagen announced that they were halting further investments into AI self-driving vehicles, forcing Argo AI, an AV technology startup founded by Uber and Google veterans, to shut down. The Big Technology Crash of 2022 has started, and it will probably make the Dot-com stock market crash of 2001 look like a walk in the park when this crash hits bottom.

Is Big Tech Monitoring and Controlling You?

Today, if you use Big Tech's products, as almost everyone in the U.S. does, your actions and speech are being monitored. If you use a mobile device such as a cell phone, and/or a laptop or desktop computer connected to the Internet, or anything else connected to the Internet such as your front door bell, or your thermostat, or if you drive a late-model car that is connected to the Internet, you are being monitored. I am not saying that you are necessarily actively being spied upon and listened to, but your actions and speech are being recorded and stored in a database in the Cloud somewhere, where it can be retrieved and analyzed at any time by a real person. For most people, their actions and communications are aggregated and analyzed by computer code, like "artificial intelligence," mainly for the purpose of making money off of you by advertising products and services customized to your personal data, such as your gender, your age, your location, what you watch on TV, your religious and political views, who you associate with, etc. That's how Big Tech primarily makes its money, through advertising. But all of that data they collect on you, which today can include everything you say and share on social media, or devices like "Alexa," what you buy including where and when you buy it, what programs and videos you watch, where you drive to, when you turn your lights off at night or turn your thermostat down, and even what you thought were "private" communications, such as social media "private" chats, conversations on your cell phone, or email correspondences on Big Tech's "free" email platforms - ALL OF THIS DATA IS FOR SALE, for the right price.

32 Young Canadian Doctors “Died Suddenly” in the Past 16 Months While Fully COVID-19 Vaccinated

I have now tracked 32 Canadian doctor sudden deaths (thank you to all who contributed). These doctors were actively practicing medicine & were healthy prior to taking illegally mandated COVID-19 Vaccines (2, 3 or 4 doses). I've sent a letter to Canadian Medical Association (CMA) Presidents Dr.Alika Lafontaine & Dr.Katharine Smart, both of whom supported COVID-19 Vaccine mandates on all of Canada's 92,000 doctors and I urged them to call for IMMEDIATE termination of all COVID-19 Vaccine mandates in Canada's healthcare, as well as Investigations & Public Inquiries into these sudden deaths. CMA cannot continue to ignore this catastrophe. Please circulate!

CDC Gave Big Tech Platforms Guidance On COVID Vaccine Censorship

The right of every American to question and criticize their government is enshrined in the Bill of Rights in the First Amendment. Prohibiting dissenting views on any government institution or practice is strictly unconstitutional. However, for the past few years many people have voiced concern about Big Tech platforms censoring dissenting views against the government, and the most common argument used by Big Tech is that they are simply a private platform that allows people to voice their views, and that the First Amendment does not apply to private corporations. But now emails between the CDC and Google, Facebook, and Twitter have surfaced that suggest that the U.S. Government is, indeed, censoring dissenting views by influencing these Big Tech platforms, specifically in regards to the COVID-19 vaccines. Given how deadly these experimental vaccines have been, this is a very serious matter, and I would expect more lawsuits filed in the weeks and months ahead for what appears to be a gross violation of the First Amendment and the right of American citizens to criticize and question their government, especially in regards to medical and health issues.