Iran’s Top Attorney Indicts Trump for Murder in Criminal Court of Tehran

In a story that has been widely reported in the Middle Eastern media since yesterday, June 23, 2024, Ali Alghasi-Mehr, the judiciary chief for Tehran province, has issued a 164-page indictment against 73 American officials regarding the assassination of General Qassem Soleimani and his companions back in 2020. The chief Iranian prosecutor stated that a public trial will be held next month, and that: “All the defendants, who are U.S. statesmen and military officials, have been officially notified of the case and required to introduce their lawyers." Only two of the 73 American officials have been revealed so far (that I could find), and that is former U.S. President Donald Trump, who ordered Soleimani's death, and Trump's former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. Skeptics and Zionist followers of the Trump Cult will be quick to point out that Iran has been trying to bring Trump to justice since 2020, the year Trump and the military assassinated General Qassem Soleimani, and that there is no chance Trump will ever stand trial in Iran. But many things have changed since 2020, and even since September of 2023 when it was announced that Iran was preparing these indictments, just one month before the Hamas attack on Israel in October of 2023. Also, recent events here in 2024 have dramatically changed the attitude in the Middle East with Iran and their allies. The first one was the explosion of pro-Palestinian student protests here in the U.S., which, perhaps for the first time, showed many Muslim people in the Middle East that not all Americans are Zionists, and that many Americans actually support the cause of the Palestinian people to stop Israel's genocide against them. Secondly, Iran joined the BRICS alliance at the beginning of 2024, closely allying with China and Russia to form a new “Golden Triangle” that is seen to be able to keep American and Israeli Zionist aggression in check. And lastly, military campaigns conducted by Iran and their proxies such as the Houthis have achieved far greater success than anyone in the West had previously thought was possible. If in the past it was impossible that any Americans would face criminal charges in Iran, one must consider the possibility that the situation is quickly changing, and that it actually could be possible at some point.

Exposing the Antisemitism Noahide Laws that Criminalize Belief in Jesus Christ as the Jewish Messiah Punishable by Execution

In my last article I discussed the new Bill that the U.S. House of Representatives passed this week titled "The Antisemitism Awareness Act of 2023", which had bipartisan support. As you can observe from the title of the Bill that now heads to the Senate, the language for this Bill was written last year, 2023, after the Hamas military attack in Israel, and pre-dates the current student protests over the war in Gaza that began a few weeks ago. In fact, the language for this Bill was drafted under President Donald Trump, written by his son-in-law Jared Kushner, and was then enacted as a Presidential Executive Order on December 11, 2019. The text for that executive order that criminalizes "antisemitism" had never been able to be passed as law in the U.S. Congress, because it basically renders the First Amendment as null and void, and so by Trump's own admission during the ceremony where he signed this EO, he stated that he just did it himself anyway, because as President of the United States, he now had the power to do so. I checked to see if Trump's executive order on antisemitism from 2019 had been revoked by President Biden, and it has not. So this begs the question: If Trump's EO on antisemitism is still in effect, then why did the Zionists need this new Bill introduced to the House by Rep. Mike Johnson, which easily passed with bipartisan support? The reason seems to be that under the Biden administration, Trump's EO is being used to represent not only Zionist Jews who feel they are being discriminated against on college campuses, but also students of other faiths as well, such as Arab Muslims, who are also using Trump's EO to file discrimination lawsuits. This is apparently because Trump linked his EO to the 1964 Civil Rights Act. So having failed to meet their objectives with the Trump EO from 2019, the Zionists are trying, once again, to codify the meaning of "antisemitism" and criminalizing anyone who does not comply with their definition of "antisemitism", which includes denying that Jesus Christ was the Jewish Messiah. There had been rumors among some Zionist Jews that Donald Trump had converted to Judaism in 2017, but was afraid to go public with his conversion due to the backlash he would have received from Evangelical Christians. The rumor also stated that Jared Kushner, who openly admits he is a Jewish member of the Chabad Lubavitch sect, and is the son-in-law of Donald Trump, is the prophesied Jewish Messiah.

How Donald Trump and Alex Jones Fooled the Public About the Safety of the COVID-19 “Vaccines”

David Knight marked the 3-year anniversary of his being fired by Alex Jones where he used to broadcast his daily show on InfoWars until December of 2020. Knight reports that he was fired in December of 2020 for not endorsing Donald Trump, who was President of the United States at that time, because Trump was pushing everyone to get the COVID bioweapon shots in 2020, known as the "COVID-19 Vaccines." David Knight, like myself and several others in December of 2020, was trying to warn the public NOT to take any of these experimental "vaccines." And for taking that stand, he claims that Alex Jones fired him. Today, David Knight publishes his daily show independently. In his broadcast yesterday, 12/21/23, Knight provided video evidence from 2020 that showed Alex Jones clearly stated that Trump was developing a "safe" COVID-19 vaccine.

Trump Owns Stock in Pfizer and Drug Companies Producing Gender-Affirming Therapies and Hormone Blockers

Trump has promised to ban child gender transitions - but owns stock in the Big Pharma companies he's promised to investigate for 'illegally marketing' hormone therapies and puberty blockers. 'The left-wing gender insanity being pushed on our children is an act of child abuse, very simple. Here is my plan to stop the chemical, physical, and emotional mutilation of our youth,' Trump said in a campaign speech on February 1.  But as recently as the end of last year, Trump held between $600,003 and $1,251,000 in three companies that make gender-affirming therapies and hormone blockers, according to a analysis of his financial disclosures.  He also owns financial stakes in Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson.

President Trump and Rudy Giuliani Sold Presidential Pardons for $2 Million

At the end of President Donald Trump's presidency in January of 2021, I reported how Trump not only did not keep his promise to "drain the swamp" when he became president in 2016, but that he proved that he was part of that very swamp based on who he pardoned in his last days in office. On his last day in office, Trump pardoned Israeli colonel Aviem Sella, the convicted handler of US-born Jewish-American intelligence analyst and traitor Jonathan Pollard, who stole US military secrets and sold them to Israel. Many of Trump's supporters were hoping that he was going to pardon two whistleblowers who have risked their lives to reveal the workings of the deep state, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. In addition to not pardoning Edward Snowden and Julian Assange nor those arrested in the January 6th entrance to the U.S. Capitol, Trump pardoned several Big Pharma executives who had been convicted of medical fraud. And now we have reports that President Trump and his personal attorney and former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, in the true fashion of corrupt mafia criminal actions typical in NYC, offered Presidential pardons for the cost of $2 million dollars. While the Trump supporters will undoubtedly be quick to point out that the one making this claim of Presidential pardons being for sale for $2 million is part of a lawsuit by a woman who was a former aide to Giuliani and is accusing him of sexual harassment, and is not a trustworthy source, The Independent today has published an investigative report that corroborates her claim with a former CIA officer, John Kiriakou, who has stated the same thing; that he was offered a Presidential pardon by Trump for $2 million.

Trump’s Call for Building “Freedom Cities” Plays Right into Globalists’ Plan for Fourth Industrial Revolution Control Grid

Low and behold, the paragon of American conservatism has now come out of the woodwork with a message built on repackaged, reformulated smart cities as the way to go moving forward. Because the globalists’ climate agenda doesn’t resonate with conservatives, the globalists need a prominent conservative political voice who could take their message and communicate it in a way that appeals to conservative patriotic Americans. Enter the perfect stooge: Donald J. Trump. In the same way Trump offered his services to the globalists when he sold their deadly mRNA clot shots to conservatives, he is now signaling to them that he is willing and available to be used again — this time to convince us to move back into the cities, where we will be safe, secure and well taken care of. Instead of warning us about the globalists’ plans for digitization of everything, including our money and our very identities, Trump puts his own patriotic twist on the same globalist technocratic theme. He is distracting us here with stupid talk about flying cars and Americanizing the tools of our slavery. Instead of buying the tools from China, he will make sure they’re all American-made. Doesn’t that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside?

Freemason Satanist Technocrat Elon Musk: The New Idol of the Christian Right

Freemason Donald Trump has new competition among his faithful followers on the Christian Right, as a new savior is being crowned in the Conservative Right alternative media. "Elon Musk set out to save civilization when he bought Twitter. He meant it. Civilization can only be saved through free and open communication and not behind walls constructed by elitists and totalitarians. On Saturday Elon Musk released the Twitter Files, Part 4 report on the company’s discussions on the censoring and banning of United States President Donald Trump." (Source: Gateway Pundit) Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter and revealing previously censored information against Trump and conservatives, is undoubtedly being observed by those on the Christian Right as an "answer to prayer" as a new coalition of Christian Pastors is forming to help Donald Trump get re-elected. "Jackson Lahmeyer, the Oklahoma United States Senate candidate who took on anti-Trump incumbent James Lankford, has launched a new organization to rally the evangelical faithful to President Donald J. Trump’s corner ahead of the 2024 GOP primary. President Trump has long ties to the Christian evangelical community, despite what the fake news media wants to say. Pastor Lahmeyer gained recognition during his campaign for offering religious exemptions to help his fellow citizens escape the deadly COVID-19 vaccine. Pastors for Trump, is geared towards organizing Christians across the United States." (Source: Gateway Pundit) What could be more insane than a "Pastor" who "gained recognition during his campaign for offering religious exemptions to help his fellow citizens escape the deadly COVID-19 vaccine" starting an organization of other "pastors" to put back into office the very man who funded the COVID-19 gene altering shots, and then pressured the FDA to pass it? I am not sure there is anything more dysfunctional than that, but if there is, it is calling Elon Musk the "savior of civilization" and supporter of "free and open communication and not behind walls constructed by elitists and totalitarians." Could it be that Freemason Satanist Elon Musk will soon be joining forces with fellow Freemasonist Donald Trump, and turning Twitter into the world's largest surveillance tool in the U.S., similar to China's WeChat which is used for social credit scores and Covid vaccine passports?

Is Donald Trump a Freemason? Is Trump Tower in New York a Satanic Temple?

This past week, I have highlighted many of the crimes that were committed in 2020 when COVID-19 started, and while Donald Trump was President. This has prompted some of the members of the Donald Trump religious cult to contact me and complain about my treatment of Trump in these articles, even though I was not attacking Trump personally, but just reporting the facts of what happened in 2020 that has now resulted in the deaths and injuries of millions of people, all implemented while Trump was president. Many of Trump's followers believe in the "Trump is stupid" view, which claims that Trump was fooled by all the people around him, and didn't know what he was doing. These people want Trump to be president again, even though he has not repented or apologized for participating in all the criminal activities that were done in the name of COVID. In this view, many believe that not only was Trump ignorant and is still not repenting of the sins he committed, but he is "God's chosen" man to be president. But what about Donald Trump? Is he truly God's chosen man, or is he a Freemason like all presidents before him, serving Satan as his master who put him into power?

Zionist Organization of America: Trump “Best Friend Israel ever had in the White House”

The Zionist Organization of America, which works to strengthen U.S.-Israel relations and combat anti-Israel bias, announced last Friday that it will award the “rarely given” Theodor Herzl Medallion to former U.S. President Donald Trump.  In an email sent to its members, the ZOA said it was honoring the former president “for being the best friend Israel ever had in the White House.”  Dr. Miriam Adelson, physician and billionaire, will present Trump’s award on Nov. 13 at the Zionist Organization’s national awards dinner in New York City.

Trump Claims he could “Easily” be Israeli PM – Is this why Pfizer Received First COVID Vaccine Authorization in U.S. and Exclusive Rights in Israel?

Former US President Donald Trump stated today that he is so popular in Israel, that he could "easily" be the Prime Minister there. And while he claims he is so popular in Israel, he acknowledged that Evangelical Christians are "far more appreciative" for what he has done for Israel, than "people of the Jewish faith" living in the U.S. Donald Trump continues to take credit for what he says was one of the greatest achievements of his term serving as President, which was forcing the FDA to grant emergency use authorization (EUA) for the COVID-19 vaccines. Here at Health Impact News, we gave extensive coverage in 2020 to the $BILLIONS of government funds that were being handed out like candy to Big Pharma to produce COVID-19 vaccines, and the early front-runners to get the first nod from the FDA for an EUA COVID-19 vaccine were Anthony Fauci's funded Moderna, and Bill Gates's funded Astrazenca shots. When Pfizer joined the mix, it raised some concerns, as their deal with the U.S. government and Operation Warp Speed was reportedly different from the other drug companies, and was conditioned upon getting approval from the FDA, something Astrazenca never obtained in the U.S. The deal with Pfizer reportedly also did not involve intellectual property rights. Pfizer ended up being the first company to get an FDA EUA for what became the first, and most lucrative, COVID-19 vaccine, but it took threats from President Trump to fire then FDA head Stephen Hahn if he did not approve the Pfizer shot. Shortly after getting the FDA nod for the first COVID shot in the U.S., Israel agreed to an exclusive deal with Pfizer in return for sharing data on its population, effectively making Israel the world's laboratory for the experimental Pfizer COVID-19 injections.