by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Merck’s Gardasil vaccine saw a 55% increase over last year’s third quarter, netting $1.05 billion in global sales for the third quarter of 2018.

Thanks to worldwide sales, the Gardasil vaccine has become the top money maker for Merck.

FiercePharma, the marketing trade publication for vaccine manufacturers, reports:

Merck’s Gardasil has been propelling the pharma giant’s vaccine unit in recent quarters, and that doesn’t look like it’ll be changing. The company sees more growth ahead thanks to an “unprecedented increase in worldwide demand” for HPV vaccines, an executive said.

Addressing the vaccine’s performance on a recent conference call, Merck’s president of global human health Adam Schechter said the company is “seeing unprecedented increase in worldwide demand for the HPV vaccines.” He said global demand has “doubled in the last year alone.”

Strong sales in Australia were cited, as well as the launch of Gardasil into China.

FiercePharma also reports that “Policy changes in Gavi countries are also driving demand,” presumably by making it easier to bring the vaccine into those countries.

Gavi is an international organization, funded primarily by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, that provides vaccines to the UN, usually through UNICEF, to be distributed in poor countries. Learn more about GAVI here.

And while sales of Gardasil in the U.S. have been slumping in recent years, the company sees growth in the U.S. market as well, now that the FDA has approved the vaccine for adults. See:

FDA Approves Dangerous Gardasil Vaccine for Adults in the U.S.

Make no mistake: the Gardasil vaccine, despite all of its controversy and charges of corruption, is Merck’s #1 product now, and the company is investing for huge growth in the future, as FiercePharma reports:

Together, the factors lead Schechter to believe that growth for the vaccine “will continue to be very, very strong.”

The lofty statements led Wolfe Research analyst Tim Anderson to question just how high sales for the product might grow, but Merck execs didn’t provide a number for potential peak sales.

To keep up with new demand, Merck has already invested to build up Gardasil manufacturing, CFO Rob Davis said on the call. The company can continue to invest to support the product going forward, he added.

Conference in the U.S. Scheduled to Deal with Gardasil Vaccine Victims

Meanwhile, the carnage left behind from mass Gardasil vaccination programs continues to get world-wide exposure, as doctors, scientists, and victims look for ways to oppose mass Gardasil vaccination programs.

A recent gathering in Ireland at an IFICA conference brought together many world leaders to discuss the Gardasil problem. See:

Parents, Scientists and Doctors from Around the World Gather to Discuss How to Handle Increasing HPV Vaccine Injuries

Another meeting is scheduled in the U.S. in 2019 during the Autism One conference, at the 4th Annual International HPV Vaccine Education Symposium:

The public is told on a regular basis that all vaccines are proven safe, affordable, necessary, and effective prior to FDA approval. Unfortunately, many opine this is not the case with HPV vaccines. As questions surrounding HPV vaccines and vaccination programs intensify around the world, there is an ever-growing need for accurate information.

Join us to hear international experts from more than ten countries share their research and explain why they believe there are multiple unanswered questions regarding HPV vaccine safety, efficacy, and need. With the first-ever annual international HPV vaccine education symposium having been hosted at AutismOne, the tradition continues with the most ambitious and up-to-date international gathering facilitating conversation and education among doctors, researchers, experts, and advocates on this topic.

Registration for this 2.5 day educational event of unprecedented scope on this crucial topic is included in the very affordable low registration price of the AutismOne 2019 Conference, which runs an additional 1.5 days.

Topics include

    • Mechanisms of action and HPV vaccine-induced autoimmunity
    • Undisclosed components
    • Morbidity, mortality, and decreased fertility rates post-HPV vaccination
    • Biomarkers to look for after adverse reactions
    • Informed consent

 Learn more here.

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