washington state rally ex vaxxer

Thousands turn out at the Washington State Capital to oppose HB1638 which would eliminate parental choice for vaccines. Photo by Melissa A Curtin.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Thousands of people braved the cold weather and headed to the Washington State Capital last week (February, 2019) to voice their opposition to HB1638 which would restrict parental exemptions to childhood vaccines.

Much like 2015 which saw many states try to pass legislation to make vaccines mandatory, the current reason being used to eliminate vaccine choice is an “outbreak” of measles in the State of Washington that has reportedly affected 50 people, with no deaths.

Due to the fact that the corporate-sponsored “mainstream” media routinely censors anything negative associated with vaccines and simply republishes the pharmaceutical narrative that all vaccines are safe, many legal and medical experts showed up in Washington to educate lawmakers on the other side of the debate.

New York University Law Professor Mary Holland spoke about the myth of “herd immunity” and how this theory is not a legal basis for forced vaccinations:

Dr. Brian Hooker, PhD, also provided testimony. Dr. Hooker was the person that CDC whistle-blower Dr. William Thompson called in 2014 to reveal how the CDC withheld data linking the MMR vaccine to autism.

Medical doctor Toni Bark testified on her experience in dealing with the growing number of vaccine injuries:


Dr. Robert Rowen.

Dr. Robert Rowen, from California, also weighed in via his Facebook Page as he exposed the deficiencies in one measles study that the corporate media is using to attack those opposing mandatory vaccines.

Here is the “gold standard” of measles vaccine safety studies used to ridicule all of you and RFK Jr. It makes a total fool out of you.

I decided to look a little closer at the media skewering of RFK Jr as well as anyone who speaks out against forced vaccines Washington state has a state of emergency.

Fifty cases of measles, no deaths, and legislation is pending to forcibly vaccinate the entire child population.

Meanwhile real deaths mount from drug abuse and Pharma generated substance overdoses. “The data shows that during the first six months of 2018, 81 people died from fentanyl-related overdoses in Washington, up from 2017 when 48 people died from abusing the drug during that same six-month period.” (Seattle Times December 5, 2018).

Of course, there is no declared state of emergency for this horror.

But back to vaccines. The Daily Beast ridiculed Kennedy for ignoring a twin study on measles vaccine safety, stating, “In fact, the MMR has undergone double-blind safety testing; one 1986 study involving twins found that the vaccine was not harmful.”

In fact, a major BMJ article SKEWERING Andrew Wakefield also raised this study and condemned him for not mentioning it in his work: “Therefore it is surprising that they (Wakefield, et al.) do not mention the classical Finnish double-blind placebo controlled trial among twins.”

So, I tracked down that study to further understand both sides of the issue. I clip and paste directly from the Lancet report the methodology of this study: “The vaccines were administered blind, but one twin of each pair first received active vaccine then, 3 weeks later, placebo; whereas the other twin was first given placebo and then, after 3 weeks, active vaccine.

The Injections consisted of 0.5 ml of vaccine 2-5 or placebo (the same product including neomycin and phenol-red indicator but without the viral antigens) and were administered subcutaneously by the nurse to the left deltoid or gluteal region.”

I ask you to read the above sentence again: “THE SAME PRODUCT BUT WITHOUT VIRAL ANTIGENS”). I capitalized that for emphasis.

I realize most of you are laypeople, but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see the fraud here.

This “gold” standard study is WORTHLESS.

The “placebo” was the same material absent only the viral antigens.

Hence, both “experimental” and “placebo” groups got the adjuvants and other excipients in the vaccine, including neomycin.

And they call this a placebo?

I consider it to be a fraud upon the people. If I attempted to publish a study like this on integrative medicine practices, I’d be laughed out immediately.

How stupid can the pundits be to accept this type of study as the final word on the safety of the vaccine.

I would not expect the viral particles to cause a lot of damage. Our immune systems are designed to deal with viruses when naturally exposed.

But they are not designed to deal with injected vaccine excipients.

Worse, please read further from the study: “Each twin was given a color coded questionnaire to be filled in daily by the patients for 21 days after each vaccination.”

So, the safety analysis was only conducted for 3 weeks. You only need to see the movie Arsenic and Old Lace to discover that it can take a long time for a poison to manifest.

Heck, Vioxx took years to manifest heart attacks and death.

And they study only ONE vaccine and for only 3 weeks to brainwash you and the health professionals of the world that it is safe.

This is appalling. What about the cumulative effects of different and multiple vaccine excipient injections over years?

Those concerned about vaccine safety based on garbage like this are ridiculed and pilloried, yet the pundits ignore a fully flawed study and hold it up as gold.

In the case of Wakefield, he was essentially burned at the stake. I would have ignored this alleged “study” if I were him.

What do you think?

I think that witch hunts never fully ended. With the vaccine issue, they only morphed into something even more widespread, leading to the real witchcraft – Pharma, casting its spell over the entire population.

Here is the full article on measles “safety” from the Lancet: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/20285498_Frequency_of_true_adverse_reactions_to_measles-mumps-rubella_vaccine_A_double-blind_placebo-controlled_trial_in_twins

A deficient abstract of this article can be found here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2871241

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Washington

Attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr. also addressed the crowd in Washington. Image source.

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